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Candidate Resources, Inc.

Your own business!

Unique opportunity

As a CRI associate (, your role will be to provide online application processes as an attachment to an employer’s website, plus pre-employment applicant screening tools to assist an employer in making better hiring decisions. We at CRI are considered the Gold Standard in pre-employment testing and assessments for all job types and levels, and serve hundreds of employers of all sizes and types across America. We also provide unique and outstanding Performance Development Tools to employers. We own intellectual property rights to all of these services.

Rather than employing a nationwide sales and service team, our services are provided to employers through trained and knowledgeable Human Resources Consultants (i.e. you) who prefer to own and operate their own business. Currently we are seeking qualified people in only those cities in America where we are not effectively represented. Might you be one of those people?

How this benefits you

You’ll have the advantages of owning and running your own business including the opportunity for an income that is likely to far exceed what you would make working for someone else. You will be in control of your time, life and destiny for a change and reap the rewards of your hard work not someone else’s. Plus you’ll be building the financial opportunity of increasing equity in the business that you build, as well as benefit from various tax advantages.

We will train and support you to be highly effective in this business provided you have at least a Bachelor’s degree and the professionalism and self-confidence necessary to advise business owners and managers in how to make better, more effective, and productive hiring decisions.

You can make a 6 figure income providing CRI services to employers in your area. We build customized websites for the people who represent us, provide training and support along with the product and direction toward businesses who are potential clients along with our assistance if needed in helping to sell the CRI services to the business and get the business set up as a client for our associate.

Our Requirements

To meet our requirements you must have a Bachelor’s degree, experience dealing with owners and managers of businesses, and have the ability to communicate and deal with people on a professional level. Plus you must complete our application process successfully. Typically, second career, retired, or early out people do well in this opportunity.

A $100,000 capital amount is required. This includes:

  • $10,500 investment for a resalable product, your website, and training. Your projected return is $18,500 + on this investment.
  • The remaining $89,500 you must have on hand to live on and finance your business until billings reach a profitable level.

You must be willing to attend organization meetings to develop prospects and be comfortable taking a consultative leadership role with both prospects and clients.

This opportunity involves considerable lead time to get started. You should have 1 year or more of reserve funds to sustain your lifestyle while your business grows.

If you consider yourself capable of dealing with business owners and executives on a professional basis, and this opportunity is of interest to you, please email me and set a day and time to talk further.

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