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CD Warehouse

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CD Warehouse, Inc. is engaged in the franchising and ownership of entertainment stores offering new and pre-owned compact discs, digital versatile discs and related products under two similar, but distinct, franchise systems, CD Warehouse and Disc Go Round. These franchise systems, which make up the CD Warehouse System, include their respective stores, which have variously operated under the trade names CD Warehouse, Disc Go Round, CD Exchange and Music Trader. At May 1, 2002 the CD Warehouse System had an aggregate 280 stores in 36 states and the District of Columbia, Canada, England, France, Guatemala, Venezuela, and Thailand, with 197 franchised stores, and 64 corporate owned stores. These stores operate under the CD Warehouse concept, utilizing either the CD Warehouse, CD Exchange, Disc Go Round or Music Trader trade name. There are 19 franchised stores operating under the Disc Go Round concept, utilizing either the Disc Go Round or CD Exchange trade name.

Contact Information

900 N. Broadway
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102
United States

Other Information

Total Units:  155
Company Owned Units:  29
Franchised Units:  126
Franchise Fees:  $20,000

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