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Certified Expense Reduction Consultant

Discover How to Profit as a Certified Expense Reduction Consultant (CERC)

Become an Expense Reduction Specialist Through VIE Partners Training

This can be one of the highest-paying, "freedom" careers you'll find!

Use our proprietary systems to identify cost savings, find hidden money, and obtain credits or refunds for your clients.

Small and mid-sized businesses NEED YOUR HELP!

According to the Aberdeen Group, U.S. based businesses and organizations are missing out on more than $130 billion in annual cost savings due to limited purchasing power and inadequate expertise in all areas of financial expenditure.

However, during the past 13 years, VIE's proven methods have reduced costs for its clients by more than 270 million dollars.

Today, VIE's popular CERC Training program enables YOU to conveniently and affordably replicate our success in your local area.

Using an easy-to follow, "Fast Track," learn from your location, instructor-led training program—combined with "hands-on" coaching from our expert staff—we prepare you to find your own clients locally, identify expense reduction opportunities and achieve cost savings results for businesses and organizations of all sizes—so you can receive a large percentage of every dollar saved!

Countless businesses in your marketplace desperately need a Certified Expense Reduction Consultant—RIGHT NOW.

Reasons include:

  • They must increase profits to survive in today's challenging economy.
  • Poor internal purchasing and spending procedures.
  • Frequent billing errors, over-charges, false fees and surcharges that are never caught.
  • No employee responsible, accountable or qualified to manage ongoing expense reduction procedures.
  • A severe lack of systems, experience and know-how when it comes to reducing expenses.
  • "Too busy" to focus on this critical area that directly impacts their profitability.
  • No idea they're wasting so much money (until you show them the facts).
Comments from a January 2013 CERC trainee:

"I am writing this testimonial to express my gratitude to the entire team at VIE. For an informative, engaging, and extremely valuable course you created on cost reduction. Once I started the training I was blown away by the value of the content, and the manner in which it was given. It went way beyond my expectation. I would recommend this course for anyone looking to go into the field or just to further your career. I have recommended it to my sister, who would like to join the next training." -S.B. Lakewood, NJ

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