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Child Safety

MLM - Saving Kids' Lives

High Caliber Management and Marketing Professionals Needed as Regional Directors

Our Proprietary Product Will Absolutely Dominate Our Industry


Moms and Dads Also Needed as Neighborhood Coordinators

Our Kids are Dying and Being Abused at Alarming Rate and We Have Solution

Initial Investment: $300.00

Leads Provided to Management and Marketing Professionals

If you are a Management and Marketing Professional we will provide you prospects that respond to the below ad that want to talk to you about participating in this venture. You will receive immediate Fast Start Bonuses with long term recurring revenue from their sales. You will have the strongest opportunity story on the planet to share with prospects while only asking them for a $300 investment. By the time they see our Benchmark Product and Opportunity Videos your job will simply be to enroll those that are interested. Trust us? nothing is more fun than talking to people about a truly unique and money making venture. You may never be presented an opportunity again where timing plays such a critical factor in whether you just get paid for your time... or you literally make a lot of money.

Our Story

Our Kids are Dying & Being Abused at Alarming Rate and we have the most comprehensive solution to this tragic problem and desperately Regional Directors, Team Leaders & Neighborhood Coordinators in every market before our National PR Campaigns hit. Millions of dollars have been spent to develop this Cutting Edge product. Our National PR Team includes one of TV's most popular News Anchors, plus Chief Prosecutor for U. S. Department of Justice Child Exploitation Division (Ret), plus TV's Famous Advocate Against Child Crime who is seen on America's Most Wanted, Nancy Grace, 60 Minutes and Oprah Winfrey Show. It is anticipated name recognition for our product will occur virtually overnight.

There is not one parent, grand-parent, school organization or entrepreneur that sees our product video and is not moved to become part of our company's Mission to save our kids. It literally is a CAUSE and those that join us now will reap the rewards.

Our Product

It Is Literally Saving Our Children's Lives and Innocence.

  • Alerts parents immediately by email and text to dialogue over their kids computers and/or cell phones related to suicide, drugs, sexting, cyber-bullying and sexual predators so they can be proactive before disaster strikes.
  • Prevents teenage driver auto accidents and deaths from cell phone use while texting, talking or speeding. How we do this will amaze you. MADD's (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) web site says that teenage deaths from cell phone use and driving is double that caused by teenage drinking and driving (between ages 16 and 20).
  • If their child goes over the set speed limit parents will be notified instantly by text and email.
  • Catch predators, sex offenders, online strangers and cyber-bullies in the act. The FBI says there is a 100% chance of a child or a teen meeting a predator in a chat room. It is estimated that over 50,000 of these predators are on line each hour. Until now? no one had the software to catch these child molesters. Every single chat program (MSN, AIM, ICQ and more), ALL social websites (Facebook, MySpace and more) are run through this revolutionary program.
  • Parents and teachers can now set up No-Text Zones. Texting in class, to include cheating, has become an epidemic problem for teachers? they are looking for a solution!
  • Detects pornography and obscenity and cleans it off their children's hard drives and cell phones then blocks it in future before it can be viewed.
  • Parents are not spying on their children. They are only notified when there is a dangerous communication or activity.
  • Software is secure on childrens' computers and cell phones and cannot be removed without parents' permission.
  • Includes GPS Tracking - Parents know where their child is 24/7 from anywhere in the world.
  • Allows parents to setup unlimited virtual fences and be notified when their child enters or leaves these perimeters.
  • Allows parents to see an instant history of up to several days of where their child has been.
Fees and Payment Information: We only expect each distributor to invest $49.99 as an affiliate fee which includes your own replicated web site (for 1 year) with amazing digital marketing tools that will astound you and your customers. Additional optional marketing and training materials are available for $249.99. You may also consider investing $39.99 a month for product to be used for personal and/or demonstration purposes.

Facilities (home-based): Neighborhood Coordinators will earn substantial income Per Sale. Those qualifying as Team Leaders and Regional Directors will receive significant over- rides and bonuses. It is recommended everyone initially be home-based. Remember, this is a full or part time independent distributor opportunity with facilities determined and paid for by each individual.

Support/Training: The company's Digital Video Marketing Tools are a benchmark in direct marketing. It means no personal selling required! Literally you can take orders right over the phone while demonstrating it on your personal replicated web site. The marketing tools we provide you are masterful in their ability to sell the product. Just show the digital internet video. Additionally, the marketing tools we will provide you have been proven to enthusiastically open the doors to all target markets to include parents and teachers organizations as a fund-raising project. We are looking for proactive people that can take our product and marketing tools and penetrate their market.

Market Outlook: Our Comprehensive and Proprietary Solutions will dominate this market. No other product comes close to the total features we offer at a price that parents cannot refuse. Millions of new kids start driving, join the cyber world and get cell phones every year. Our target market literally replenishes itself yearly.

Our Marketing Focus: This companies marketing focus is retail sales direct to parents and Non-Profit Groups such as fundraisers for school organizations. It can be presented one on one, in neighborhood meetings, large formal meetings or it can be sold by directing people to your Powerful Replicated web site. Our compensation plan allows you to become a straight retail marketer, concentrate on building sales teams or a combination of both.

Compensation Plan: Our compensation plan is a personal & shared common team plan. The plan provides our affiliates opportunities like nothing else available in the market today. We are in our launch phase. Consequently, you may never be presented an opportunity again where timing plays such a critical factor in whether you just get paid for your time... or you literally make a lot of money. But make no mistake about it, our plan does allow those that want to build sales teams to earn over-rides and bonuses on their Common and Personal Teams and those they enroll that wish to build and train Common and Personal Teams, and so forth to infinity. If you are interested in a ground floor opportunity you need to learn more now!

Read Following Before You Respond
IMPORTANT - Do Not Respond and Waste Our Mutual Time If:

  1. You are not prepared to receive our phone call to discuss the opportunity.

  2. Multi-level compensation plans do not appeal to you.

  3. You are not located in the Continental United States.

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