Children's Orchard Franchise

Children's Orchard

Min. Liquid Capital: $100,000

Total Investment: $174,700 - $275,500

Net Worth Required: $400,000

Financing Available: Third Party

Training Provided: Yes

About Us

Even if you don't have kids, you know how fast they outgrow their clothes. Parents struggle between keeping their kids in fun clothing without spending a fortune on it - while they outgrow it in leaps and bounds. Something they loved that fit them a month ago might not fit them at all now. Which brings us to a great brand in franchising: Children's Orchard.

As ideas in great franchises go, this one is cutting edge. Because parents want their kids to be able to dress in a practical but fun way - and to be warm with the right accessories. But, if they bought something new every time their child outgrew it, they would never be able to put food on the table.

One of the best brands to come out of the franchise market is Children's Orchard. In the huge, growing resale market, nothing addresses it better than Children's Orchard. While other markets are just as important within our structure - people want different styles and choices - the kids market addresses an entirely different need: It isn't just a choice to change sizes, it's a MUST! As kids outgrow their clothes faster than they can even make a dent in wearing them out, this store is a growing necessity that will draw customers in.

As a franchisee, you also have NTY Franchise Company backing you up with unmatched experience, enthusiasm, and great ideas. Their support is unparalleled, and they're tech savvy, forward-thinking, and incredibly supportive of their franchisees.

As a business owner, you want to invest in a business that is not only going to make you money but grow quickly so that you see a profit. Our tried and true methods help ensure you that this will happen. We are a strong advocate for you, give you unmatched support in your business, and make sure your training is strong and solid.

With our management team's many years of experience, and many new businesses opened and going strong, we help your business take off and keep going stronger. It's that experience that helps us to make sure you do your best and make your money back faster. No one wants to invest their life savings without having some kind of insurance that they won't lose it - with NTY Franchise Company you have a team behind you to make sure your business keeps growing with proven business methods, solid support, and the enthusiasm to really help you out.

Children's Orchard is a great idea that is ready to take off. Besides offering customers great quality in kids clothing, toys, and accessories, we are filling a need in the market that just isn't out there right now. It's great to not only move toward a successful business but be in one that is cutting edge.

As kids grow, Children's Orchard can grow along with it in your community. Be that business owner with new ideas - but with years of solid experience standing right behind you.

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