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Frozen Yogurt Franchise

What is Chillbox?

Chillbox frozen yogurt store chain, is a new modern concept of stores with frozen yogurt as it's main product, as well as ice cream, coffee and beverages of high quality and authentic flavors.

Chillbox is proven - over 100 stores throughout Europe and Greece - we are truly the largest Greek Frozen Yogurt chain in the world. 

Chillbox S.A., through it's experience, provides unrivalled benefits to it's partners - franchisees:

  • Complete range of high quality productsGreek Yogurt Franchise
  • Complete establishment, operation and management of the store
  • High-level training
  • Help and support for the operation of the store
  • Free advertising support

Gaining cooperation.

Chillbox franchise is a dynamic and profitable retail model.

The advantages are:

  • Chillbox integrated concept
  • The unsurpassed quality, purity and taste of Chillbox products
  • Consumers continuous search for high quality, modern products
  • Low required investment cost compared to the potentially high performance
  • The low cost of operation of the store

Frozen yogurt Franchise store

What is the Chillbox store?

It is a warm and cosy store with modern design, offering unique experience. The image, the full product range and the delicious flavors of the products made with exclusive recipes are our competitive advantage. The friendly and highly trained staff provides services to the customer with enthusiasm and courtesy.

The store is a daily pass, the haunt of young and old. A delightful break from the fast pace of modern life.

Benefits of the Chillbox Franchise package.

Smoothie franchiseThe offer of the company is significant and covers all stages of setup and operation of the store.

The Chillbox Franchise is designed to offer a new business owner the support, structure and systems needed to launch a successful business.

a) Sustainability Assessment

Selecting and assessing sustainability.

Calculation of return on investment relative to economic development study.

b) Planning - Monitoring

Design and oversee construction of the store run by experienced designers, ensuring uniformity of the network, the proper use of space, aesthetics of the store and meet specific needs, as well as functionality and cost reduction.

c) Durable equipment

The company indicates specific partners to supply equipment at favourable prices and guarantees.

d) Consulting - Training

The company provides free continuing training to the store stuff for products, serving, the function of the premises (cost reduction, manpower control, storage, losses, etc.). And also informs the relevant health, market regulations, labor issues e.t.c. The client uses an integrated package for store operation and management, ensuring proper and profitable operation of the store from the first day.

e) Advertising

Each year, the company implements advertising campaign and promotional activities for new products, new stores, e.t.c.

f) Exclusivity

We offer contract that guarantees the rights of the licensee (franchisee) in a particular location for the Chillbox model, with development priority for this market. It is valid for 10 years.

Chillbox Frozen Yogurt Franchise

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