City Kitty Franchise

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City Kitty

City Kitty is the innovator and pioneer of the cats only grooming business. Having been born out of the world of cat shows, we were the first to recognize the need for a grooming service dedicated to cats. Cats deserve to be treated with respect and sensitivity to their needs. Cats also deserve to be pampered in a spa-like environment because of all the joy they bring to their owner’s lives every day.

Despite the fact that the economy is still battling back to normalcy, this continued increase in status of pets in the family for an increasing number of families throughout the US, has driven more and more pet loving families to purchase quality, rather than quantity, products and services for their pets.

  • Must have a Passion for Felines
  • Ability to build a high performing team
  • Retail and Operational Experience
  • Drive & Ambition

If you are looking at innovative businesses that can have a positive effect on the life of a cat and its owner, you have found one in City Kitty. We are a unique, focused business positioned perfectly for today’s pet market needs.

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