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Classic Commercial Services

Classic Commercial Franchise

Build a Business Using a 41-Year-Plus Operating System.

Our commercial carpet cleaning and other professional services ensure that clients have their best foot forward for their customers. There image nurtures a positive perception and increases revenue through the positive effects on their business. Classic Commercial Services, Inc. understands this connection and provides quality, reliable commercial carpet, drapery, and upholstery cleaning services to businesses throughout the Atlanta metro area.

We are looking for success driven individuals to duplicate our systems and grow the CCS brand across the globe. I am looking for the best of the best to partner with (poCommercial Cleaning Franchisessibly you) to ensure that my parent's legacy is kept alive and that only the highest quality services are offered by any of our CCS locations.  

Low Investment Required : When I created the CCS Franchise Model, I wanted to keep costs down allowing more qualified individuals to join our network. Our franchise fee of $20,000 is extremely low compared to the other franchises out there. We do not make money on our franchise fees; it covers our expenses for opening a new CCS location. There are many financing options available as well to help with the startup costs.   

Did you now that commercial cleaning is a $100+ billion industry? Businesses including hotels, restaurants, retail, entertainment, and office buildings will always need to be cleaned. It is essential that they keep their facilities clean not only to protect their image but to insure their textile investment is maintained properly for maximum longevity. It is our goal to create profitable contracted services for these businesses which provides a stable monthly income for your business.

Classic Commercial Services Franchise 

40 th Anniversary : CCS just celebrated its 40 th anniversary. With over 40 years in the industry, we have the experience to make your new CCS business successful. We bring this knowledge to you along with our successful system giving you all of the tools to succeed.  
Marketing & Technology : We have made significant investments in our marketing tools to promote our business better than anyone else in the industry. Some of these include top of the line websites, impressive marketing materials, customer presentations, and more. You get all of this with your new CCS Franchise.  Helping you create a positive company image is what Classic Commercial Services does best.Commercial Cleaning Franchise  

Classic Commercial understands the Commercial Cleaning Business.

Classic Commercial Services has been providing first class services to the large scale commercial clients since 1973. Our loyal customers have come to appreciate and expect our unrivaled attention to detail and unsurpassed customer service.  We have always stood by our work and strive for perfection to ensure customer satisfaction every step of the way – this legacy of quality-Professional Cleaning Franchiseintensive service is what you gain by joining the CCS Franchise organization.

Operationally Sound

Strong operating locations throughout the Southeastern U.S. are run and operated by the management and founders of Classic Commercial Services.  The CCS model is operationally structured and runs smoothly with a low amount of employees and a reasonable workload for an owner operator.  The business is has been modeled for replication and we have the systems in place to support you

Profitable Business

Classic Commercial has a very fast potential ROI for a franchise owner.  With reasonable overhead, a low start-up cost for a business and applicability in just about any market, the concept is extremely financially sound. Hotel Cleaning Franchise

Point of Difference

The organization is differentiated through a lead generation and marketing approach to the Commercial side of the business.  We utilize a corporate call center, formal proposals and sales processes along with technology to oversee and manage the business development side of the operations.  Franchisees will enter the market with significant competitive advantages.

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