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Clear 4 Takeoff

Airplane Detailing Franchise

A focused service business model allowing for strong margins and consistent results through specialized work in the Aviation field. 

The Clear 4 Takeoff model sits in a unique franchise marketplace in that there are no companies with any brand position or existing presence in the Airplane services field, only smaller, fragmented providers with local or regional reach.  Clear 4 Takeoff comes to market with a long history of successful operations and a specialized process for providing airplane windshield repair.  What does this do for you?  You are a market leader the day you open your business, think about it - no competition, a unique market where you are the specialist....the expert in your field.  Customers have no one to go one to trust.  But you, through proven marketing systems and processes, are able to introduce them to an organization and a brand they can feel confident in.  Clear 4 Takeoff helps the owner of an airplane feel comfortable in knowing they are working with professionals....experts in the field of aviation.  You have aJet Detailing Franchise business model that provides these services at a substantial profit margin to your bottom line and allows you to experience the financial freedom of owning your own business. 

You get the best marketing programs, business development, operations management and management support in the business!  We pride ourselves on amazing marketing, operational and management support through a diverse and experienced management team.  Clear 4 Takeoff's business as a service provider has been built and defined by the quality and level of the service and experience we provide, you will get everything you need from experienced mentors to run and build your business together with the Clear 4 Takeoff Management team.

You Won't Be Alone. airplane franchise

Customized Training Programs and Initial Assistance

Will Be Provided by Clear 4 Takeoff

The Key to success in any business is your knowledge and understanding for the service and products you provide.  Clear 4 Takeoff has a complete program to introduce you to the aviation services industry and help you get your business started ahead of the curve.  For two weeks, you will come to the Clear 4 Takeoff headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and learn the processes, techniques and business systems that have helped the concept become so successful over the past twenty years.  Our goal is to have you start your business and feel like you have been in the industry for years.  We have the tools and processes to get you there.  We don't stop at corporate training; our support goes into the field as well and comes to your location.  We will come to your location for three to three to five days as part of the franchise start up to work with you and make sure you haveWindshield Repair Franchise the business up and running as you would like.  You will be given the tools and guidance needed to not only start this business, but to have the confidence and direction needed to become a market leader in the airplane services industry.  Our Franchisees are our number one priority and you can expect the highest level of care possible from our management team.

The Clear 4 Takeoff concept is designed for people who are ready to work hard, but want to do something they truly enjoy.  First, the operations are mobile and will be operated from a home office location which provides for low overhead and convenience to the customer.  Secondly, the processes and methods used in providing and delivering services to the clients are refined and specialized in a proprietary process to Clear 4 Takeoff.  Third, Clear 4 Takeoff has worked with many commercial client opportunities that can be scaled and offer value to the franchise investors. 

Be in Business For Yourself, but Not By Yourself

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