Commercial Air Maintenance Business Opportunity

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Commercial Air Maintenance

Commercial Air maintenance (CAM) provides a needed service for all buildings. This is not a new needed service generally speaking in terms of the concept of changing air filters, but it is new in terms of using reusable filters, high quality materials, and the monthly leasing of these filters from a long-term contract standpoint verses constant disposal of low quality filters in inconsistent intervals. The mechanical HVAC systems are typically in place for most buildings, but the introduction of metal framed, eco-friendly, reusable air filters, and the service of changing those filters as agreed in a long-term service contract is a revolutionary concept that replaces a service already being performed by each buildings maintenance staff. CAM replaces the need that building owners or management companies have for in-house staff or outside labor to perform disposable filter replacement and as a by-product reduces existing labor cost, reduces on-going new filter costs, eliminates filter disposal costs, and all while creating higher efficiency, receiving regular service, generating enhanced air filtration, and therefore producing superior air quality. By using CAM reusable filters and installers, overall costs relative to filter maintenance and HVAC efficiency are cut by up to 40%.

No experience is necessary but a sales background is helpful. Product training is provided and the Franchisee support is second to none! CAM wants you to succeed!

Your primary revenue source is developed by obtaining long-term contractually based agreements to provide a filter maintenance service program specifically designed for enhancing HVAC system efficiency and reducing overall operating/labor costs. Private labeling programs for filters and air duct cleaning are also available as additional ancillary revenue source options.

Territory Exclusivity: One franchise per area

Territory Availability: Franchises are currently being offered in the State of Florida

Territory Size: Based on each market


  • Initial Inventory (500 filters)
  • Handbooks & Manuals
  • Scanner & Software (accounting, inventory control)
  • Advertising material
  • Client leads & analysis
  • Client leads & analysis
  • Training
  • On-going Support
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