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Cool Beans Indoor Playground & Café

Unique, Modern, Fresh and Fun

According to the World Health Organization, many challenges faced by adults, such as mental health issues, obesity, heart disease, criminality, and poor literacy and numeracy, can be traced back to early childhood. During early childhood (from the prenatal period to eight years of age), children undergo rapid growth that is highly influenced by their environment. Early childhood is the most intensive period of brain development during the lifespan. Adequate stimulation and nutrition are essential for development during the first three years of life. The more stimulating the early environment, the more a child develops and learns.

Although swings, slides and sandboxes rank among the most common children's playthings, author Michael L. Hennger deemed such equipment "not sufficient" to stimulate the broad spectrum of quality play essential to children's developmental growth. These findings, writes Weaver W. Pangburn in the January 2007 edition of the "National Municipal Review," led to more indoor playgrounds and recreation centers, as experts continue to identify "important play types in the indoor setting" that facilitate the development of toddlers and preschoolers.

The benefits of establishing an indoor play area for children extend beyond a simple cure for boredom. According to early childhood education scholars Joan Packer Isenberg and Nancy Quisenberry, "decades of research has documented that play has a crucial role in the optimal growth, learning and development of children from infancy through adolescence."

It's in our nature to nurture and offer our children the best chance for success.

At Cool Beans Indoor Playground & Cafe, the best chance for developmental growth is evident in the carefully chosen elements of the playground. Walk-behind and ride-on toys foster gross motor skills. Puzzles and games develop problem solving and goal setting. Puppets and costumes improve imagination and dexterity. Trampolines and climbing structures encourage risk taking and exercise. We don't offer video games or coin operated attractions and that keeps patrons of all ages engaged. Food stuffs are homemade and wholesome. And diverse revenue streams help the business owner explore all opportunities.

Family Friendly Destination

Cool Beans Indoor Playground & Cafe is a family owned business with home offices in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Cool Beans is a perennial award winning family-friendly destination in Palm Beach County which includes a children's indoor playground, specialty children's boutique and a cafe-style neighborhood coffee shop featuring free Wi-Fi and homemade healthy gourmet grab-and-go bites.

playground was designed for children ages 6 months to 6 years and features a one of a kind indoor playground experience created to let little ones play in a safe, sanitary 6,000 sq. ft. playground, complete with a toddler and infant area, giant foam pit, story time nook, trampolines, slides, costume area and more!

Parents and caretakers can relax in the café with a healthy snack and cup of coffee or tea while enjoying free Wi-Fi. Weekly classes focus on your child's growth and development and include arts and crafts, music and more.

Custom birthday parties are available to fit any child's every desire and include decorations, cake, snacks, character visits and more.

Cool Beans Indoor Playground & Cafe is certified by the National Indoor Playground and Café Association (NIPACA) to ensure the highest level of commitment towards safety, quality and enrichment to children.

Superior Training & Support

Cool Beans Indoor Playground & Cafe has developed training, systems and support to assist in its franchisees' success. Our franchisees will benefit from:

  • An extensive in-house team of marketers, designers, public relations professionals and social media experts.
  • An online marketing resource tool offered by our marketing partners in conjunction with our in house experts to provide franchisees with access to system-wide marketing materials and the ability to customize these materials
  • Corporate and onsite training programs that are designed to help implement a standardized operating system
  • A Franchise Business Consultant (FBC) who is assigned to each franchisee to assist with business start-up and growth
  • Assistance from the FBC with financial analysis, operations evaluations, strategic planning and brainstorming of new ideas.

In addition, franchisees will receive a Site Selection Manual to guide in the process and FBC support with real estate site selection that meets specific criteria related to demographics, traffic patterns, parking, character of neighborhood and competition from and proximity to other businesses.

Our franchisees also will benefit from our preferred vendors through its existing network of distribution partners currently used by Cool Beans.

When you can offer old and new friends in your community an honest and simple value in educational fitness for your little ones coupled with the comfortable feel of a neighborhood cafe, your investment means that much more.

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