Craters & Freighters Franchise

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Craters & Freighters

Proven Model—High-Value Crating, Shipping & Logistics Franchises

Initial Fee: $35,000

Capital Req'd: $200,000

Startup Description:

Starting a franchise format business can eliminate some of the risk of opening an independent business because the concept, brand and name recognition have already been established. The new franchise is the beneficiary of the years of experience of those in support positions at the home office and of all the franchisees that have gone before them.

Our corporate team is in place to provide support in launching the business that includes forecasting and planning for business opening expenses, identifying a location, space planning, shop equipment, supply and inventory purchasing, staffing and training on a broad range of topics key to administering the daily operations of the business. Many more support functions are furnished throughout the life of the franchise pertaining to growing the business and its ongoing operations.

The Craters & Freighters network provides a distinct advantage over any would be competitor. Instead of being an independent business operation, the new franchise owner directly benefits from the services provided by the Craters & Freighters' network of locations. The network provides a big competitive edge allowing our franchise owners to operate as a team.

And finally, a franchisee has an additional advantages in controlling cost of goods as the combined spend of the system is used to negotiate discounted prices for goods and services on behalf of the franchisee.

Detailed Information

Existing Units: 65


Craters & Freighters units are initially located in combination office/warehouse park locations consisting of approximately 5,000 square feet. Craters & Freighters seldom has customers visiting, therefore does not require expensive and elaborate storefront retail space. For the same reason, the location requires little costly build out and leasehold improvements. The company offers counsel on specific operations requirements of the business location such as door openings, docks, electrical requirements, and office needs, etc.

Explanation of Fees and Payments:

$35,000.00 franchise fee. $200,000.00 startup capital and operating fee.

Support & Training:

The Company provides comprehensive initial training in all aspects of the business. Training is a nine-day curriculum held in Golden, Colorado that encompasses both classroom situation training guided by our operations staff, in-depth training manuals, and hands on experience in a busy operating location.

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