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Credit Advisors

Credit Advisors

Credit Advisors Franchise - Debt Settlement Franchise


Founded in 1998, headquartered in Sunrise, Florida. Credit Advisors is a "Turn-key business" which allows you to integrate a new business opportunity into your existing sales organization!

Why The Debt Settlement Industry?

  • $3 Trillion Industry & GROWING!!
  • Consumer demand for credit relief is at an all time high.
  • Current unemployment rate in the US is 8.8% and is forecast to be over 10% as soon as August 2009

Debt Settlement Market Opportunity

  • Avg. American pays 42% of their income on Debt and interest payments. Debt service payments are the largest portion of most family budgets...higher than savings, higher than living expenses!
  • Most people believe eventually they will get a handle of these unsecured debts, but it is mathematically impossible. The credit card companies have made it extremely easy to get credit, but extremely difficult to get out.
  • Credit card delinquency is on the rise! In March 2008, the rate was 4.57% which is the highest it has been in the past 10 years. With unemployment on the rise, credit card delinquency will continue to rise until we have a real recovery in the economy.
  • Consumers are hungry for real relief to the tremendous burden of these debts and we have the solution.
  • Consumers have been burned by "less than honest" Debt Settlement Companies in the past

Why Become a Branch Office Now?

The perfect economic storm has created a tremendous opportunity for the right individuals. Unprecedented levels of debt, with extremely high unemployment rate and job layoffs continuing to affect the Average American, this is the right opportunity at the right time.

Why You?....Why Us?

  • Your organization has shown Sales excellence, financial strength, and is interested in a mutually beneficial partnership.
  • Our organization is positioned for aggressive growth, has the know-how, infrastructure and experience to get the job done.
  • We offer an exceptional "Plug and Play" business opportunity.
  • One on One support from you Business Development Executive who is responsible for your growth, development and success!

Sales Training

We have partnered with MSTARSINC to provide EVERY office with state of the art training, full disclosure scripts, proper qualifying techniques, and consultant-based selling processes at a significantly reduced rate.

MStarsinc are the leaders in this industry, and will keep us in front of the ever-changing debt settlement regulations from the FTC. This training program costs $10,000 per 10-man office if purchased outside of our Branch Office Program. Credit Advisors covers $9500 of the training cost for all new affiliates.

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