D1 Sports Training

Min. Liquid Capital: $100,000

Total Investment: $180,000 - $450,000

Net Worth Required: $250,000

Training Provided: Yes

About D1 Sports Training

Our unique gym franchise opportunities draws higher paying, more dedicated clients across the full spectrum of ages.

Here’s a typical D1 Training franchise scenario: a local high school team participates in strength conditioning. Their families come to watch and, impressed by the quality of the training, they become loyal D1 clients, as well. Through small-group classes built around the idea that each individual is an athlete, D1’s skilled trainers meet the clients where they are and craft routines to meet the specific needs.

It’s a level of training typically reserved for Division 1 athletes. That’s why D1 athletes are more committed to their fitness — and more willing to pay a higher membership fee than people who join a typical neighborhood workout franchise.

“As you look at fitness, the more specialized, boutique fitness offerings are what’s growing from an industry perspective,” says D’Wayne Tanner, Chief Development Officer for D1 Training. “Our offering is at once a boutique, but also has a broad appeal.”

Why D1 Sports Training?

Fitness franchises are a crowded space, but d1 training is head-and-shoulders above the competition.

It seems like new fitness franchises are popping up in neighborhoods and shopping centers all over the place, and with good reason. The fitness industry in America is booming, with more than 34,000 fitness centers and 5 billion visits to the gym last year alone.

No other sports franchise provides the diversity of options, the wide market and the strong community integration that every D1 Training franchise delivers. When it comes to sports and athletic franchises, D1 Training represents the pinnacle of training and workouts for every athlete, regardless of where they are in their development.

Ideal Candidate

Our owners, trainers and coaches are all focused on making the best athletes possible.

The old adage “there is no ‘I’ in ‘TEAM’” is true, but teams are by their nature made up of groups of individuals, each of whom has a particular goal, desires, dreams and motivations. Each of these franchisees exemplify just how much a part of the D1 team our owners become — and how well our business incorporates the idea of teamwork. From a focus on training like an athlete, providing a path to recovery, or giving something back to the community, D1 Training franchise culture is unlike anything else in franchising.


It’s pretty apparent when you step into any D1 Training location that the people there are on a mission. They’re dedicated to the transformative power of athletic training. Otherwise, they wouldn’t put in the work to fulfill that mission.


If you’re committed to athleticism and the transformative power of teamwork, D1 Training franchise is the kind of potentially lucrative growth business you’re looking for. Find out more about our growth markets and what makes a great D1 Training location by continuing reading. Or apply to become the next D1 owner today.

Training And Support

From Day 1 of your decision to become a D1 Training franchise owner, you’re on a path to opening a cutting-edge fitness facility that caters to an elite clientele dedicated to their health and wellbeing. At the same time, you’re not on the journey alone. It is part of our mission to ensure that you are trained and prepared to open one of our top gym franchises.

We’ve assembled one of the best teams in franchising to help you navigate the often-complex path of opening a fitness facility, and we’re there at every step of the way to guide you through lease negotiations, remodeling and construction, equipment purchases, and hiring and training a staff. Here are just a few of the many ways we’re helping position you to succeed.


Our comprehensive training programs cover every aspect of the fitness business, from how to run the billing system to designing workouts and scheduling staff. This training program provides you the solid foundation of knowledge and experience you’ll need to open a thriving D1 Training franchise.

You’ll attend a week-long training system at our home office and flagship fitness facility in Nashville, TN, and when you leave, your training continues with self-guided study, nearly constant contact with support staff, and an extensive network of other franchise owners and their staffs.

We’re building a fitness community at D1 Training, and that means you’re part of an ecosystem of support and knowledge. When questions arise, chances are you’re not the first to have that question and someone will have an answer they’re eager to share.


Take the next step and become a part of D1 Training franchise today. We’re seeking savvy entrepreneurs who are driven by the impulse to make their communities better through fitness, athleticism and the D1 Core Values.
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