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Designer Finds

Consignment Franchise

The Vision

Designer Finds will be the leading brand in the high-end consignment marketplace.  The brand and stores will represent the industry segment and marketplace in markets across the United States by offering high-quality products and service through clean, professional and well-managed operations.

Designer Finds will be the most recognizable brand in the high end consignment and pre-owned goods segment.  Through a combination of market experience, solid franchise partnerships, an effective and profitable approach to the consignment business, Designer Finds will develop a regional and then national presence through the addition of new franchise partners who share the same vision and focus for the Designer Finds brand.

The Company Background

Consignment Franchise Opportunity

Deb Pursely has spent the past eight years building, managing and perfecting the Designer Finds business model and operating structure.  Deb has always had a passion for style, fashion and women's retail.  This combined with her husband, E.G. Pursely, who had a background in systems management and business development with IBM lead to the Designer Finds concept.  After many years of hard work in typical life consuming careers, the two decided that they would like to have a business and opportunity to do something professional that would also allow them to spend more time with their grandson Grayson.  They were looking to build a business that could provide the financial opportunity they were looking for, but also allowed for a lifestyle they could enjoy. 

High End Retail FranchiseDesigner Finds could have been like any other consignment operation which offered substandard goods from a lower end retail operation, but Deb and E.G. had a vision for something bigger, better and very different.  The model was first defined by the location – a high end shopping area in the Nashville market was chosen based on demographics, traffic count and the type of people that shopped in the area.  Then the goods were sourced through consignors that had higher end lifestyles and met a specific set of criteria to be considered acceptable as offering their pre-owned goods to the store.  This included estate sales, celebrities and other very high end ladies who offered their goods anonymously to the location because of the way that Deb approached them and the value of the Designer Finds service offered to them.  By being professional, discreet and always courteous, Deb was able to gain the trust and commitment of many of the most affluent and accomplished women in the Nashville market.  This brought in very high quality goods and quickly filled the store with great product to offer the customers. Consignment Store Franchise

The store became an immediate success because of the look, feel and atmosphere that Designer Finds offered its customers.  Over time, the Designer Finds model defined what was previously a non-existent marketplace in the high end consignment business.  The demand and growing profitability of the operation lead E.G. and Deb to consider new market expansion.  Instead of only company owned growth, they decided to franchise and offer the proven model to franchise partners who could invest in the business themselves and operate the business in their local markets.  This local ownership by people who have invested their own capital will help in keeping the business managed by passionate entrepreneurs who will continue to provide the quality, passion and consistency of service that has made the model so successful in Nashville.  In turn, as the brand grows and the market reach for Designer Finds expands the high-tide will raise all ships and allow for each franchise partner to be more successful and realize greater economies of scale.


The Designer Finds model is simple and structured efficiently to provide profitability and ease of operating management.  The operating model is simple and has been structured with well-defined processes and systems in place which allows for ease of replication and will make for a straight-forward training program with new franchise partners. 

Retail Consignment FranchiseDesigner Finds is often being compared to boutiques in LA and Boca Raton, and, while no official poll has been conducted, many of our shoppers would agree we are the best consignment shop in the Southeast.  The store offers a unique mix of clothing and accessories due in part to having consignors that live in many areas of the country and shop in the better boutiques throughout the United States and Europe.  At any given time, the merchandise offered from the store can be found in boutiques in Boca Raton, Las Vegas, New York, and Los Angeles.  Offering designer brands at great prices has made Designer Finds a destination location and draw shoppers from all over mid America.  

Designer Finds offers a unique selection of trendy women's better labels and designer clothing.  The store carries everything from business attire to trendy casual clothing to that "perfect" little black dress.  Some of the brands found at Designer Finds include Donna Karan, St. John, Armani, Seven for All Mankind, Blue Cult, Gucci, Prada, Catherine Malandrino, Michael Kors and Kate Spade. And, to accent the perfect outfit, we also carry new and consigned jewelry, designer label handbags and shoes.


Clothing Consignment Franchise

The Designer Finds Franchise model will be a fixed retail location providing the high end women's resale goods.  The Designer Finds model offers consumers the opportunity to purchase extremely high end brands and goods at very reasonable prices.  Locations will range in size from 1500 to 3000 square feet and will be located in high end shopping districts with rent per square foot of $22.25 to $35.  The location should be highly visible from the street and allow for walk in foot traffic.  The location should be open and allow for fitting rooms and rack space where the clothing will be displayed throughout the operation.  A counter will be at the center of the operation and is where customer is checked out and greeted from.  Employees and management in the store should be courteous, professional and know about the products carried in the store.  E.G. Pursely, who has a background in systems management and in working with business management technology has worked with Deb to build and create a POS system specifically designed for managing the operations of the Designer Finds stores. 

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