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Dynamic Dental Equipment Repair

The Market

With more than 140,000 dentists nationwide and growing, the need for dental equipment and repair services will always be in demand. This niche segment of the healthcare market is not insurance driven and is procedure based. If you have a toothache you need to fix it or pull it, but either way you need a dentist and a dentist will always need you!

Dental Handpiece Repair?

Dental handpiece repair is a highly profitable subsection of the dental equipment repair business. A dental handpiece (dental drill) is a dentist's primary tool. Each office depending upon size has on average 12-25 handpieces in daily rotation. Some of these precision instruments have operating speeds above 300,000 RPM and require vigilant maintenance. CDC guidelines require that these instruments be autoclaved between patients which shortens their overall lifespan and may require them to be repaired multiple times per year.

Mobile Handpiece Repair

Mobile handpiece repair is the future of the handpiece repair industry. Traditionally doctors have had to send their precision instruments out to be repaired. While many depot repair centers boast 24-hour turnaround times, the transit time are in the hands of 3rd party shippers which are unreliable or expensive. This is where mobile handpiece repair has its most significant advantage. The client is no longer inconvenienced by having to ship out their handpieces, wait for them to arrive, wait to receive an estimate. If they are busy with a patient, have to call back and approve the estimate, wait for the repair to be completed and shipped. This process can take up to a week or more.

As a mobile handpiece repair technician, the turnaround time is the time it takes you to perform the repair in your On-Site Mobile Handpiece Repair Center. Your clients are more likely to give you more handpiece to repair as they do not have to make sure they have some in case it takes too long or get lost in transit. Your client saves money as they do not have to incur shipping costs or downtime. Mobile Handpiece Repair provides the winning edge over the competition when it comes to turnaround time, client engagement and the building of long term client vendor relationships.


Established in 1994, Dynamic Dental offers handpiece repair services on-site directly at the dentist's office. In one of our state of the art Mobile Handpiece Repair Units, a technician will visit the dentist's location and repair the handpiece providing a quicker turnaround time and additional value for the client. In addition to Mobile Handpiece Repair, Dynamic Dental offers onboard Point of Sale supplies and small equipment allowing for additional revenue streams and better vendor/client relationships. Together, each piece leads to our mission of providing dentists with efficiency for their practice.

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