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Esio Beverage System

Bottled water is the fastest growing segment in the beverage industry. As such, the bottled water business offers excellent opportunities for water treatment professionals to provide their customers with a new service that is increasing in demand. The industry also provides entrepreneurs an excellent growth market to enter. Now is the time to jump in. The water at Esio, as they say, is fine.

Imagine not only being a part of this rapidly growing market but also bringing to the market a brand new product that has patented technology and that offers families and businesses substantial savings on their favorite beverages also making them more convenient than ever to enjoy! These beverages include Coffees, Teas, Juices, Sports Drinks, and Vitamin Waters all of which can be dispensed from the same machine with a touch of a button, hot or cold, with zero cross contamination.
  • Credit Suisse estimates the Global water market to be $85 Billion
  • In the US about 5 million consumers purchase water from Home and Office Delivery companies (HOD)
  • Another 4-5 million consumers have purchased a water cooler and buy or fill 3-5 gallon bottles from vending systems, water stores, supermarkets, or home improvement stores; e.g. Lowes, Home Depot
  • Home Reverse Osmosis filtration systems are now being installed in 15-30% of new homes and many older homes are being retrofitted with these systems
  • Demand for quality water venues is still growing strong driven by health and safety concerns of consumers
  • HOD is experiencing modest growth but is challenged by high fuel costs and the need to generate more revenue per stop or other revenue generating services

What support do I receive?

The training program includes classroom instruction and location operation training at our headquarters in Mesa, Arizona and on-the-job training at either a training facility or near by location. There will also be ongoing training by the Area Regional Developer.

There are many business opportunities available in various industries, but few offer the ability to be a successful home based model without the need to find Real Estate, pay the high costs involved in building out the space prior to opening your business, or sign a lease. You have an opportunity to have your business operating within 90 days of signing your franchise agreement, and not waiting up to 1 year or more to find a location, negotiate a lease, and then worry about the build out process and expense. With relatively few employees you will be in the water business without the expensive overhead of a plant facility and will have the high percentage of annual residual income built from your customer base.

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