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European Wax Center

Why Choose European Wax Center For Your New Franchise Investment?

> Simple... It's the ULTIMATE Investment you can make!

> European Wax Center is extremely dedicated to maintaining a high quality and successful image, brand and marketing formula.

> Our continuous development in innovative systems and state of the art technology runs the entire organization.

> Our exclusive process lies in our signature wax imported from Europe.

> As a franchisee, you're able to reduce your risk by following a proven system of operation and benefiting from ongiong systematical approach and support.

> European Wax Center provides you with all of the resources and tools to manage a successful business.

Our Journey
European Wax Center began as a department within a second generation family owned salon located in Aventura, FL. The founders, David and Joshua Coba, spent over 10 years refining every aspect of the company before evolving into a stand-alone wax only facility. 
Today, European Wax Center is recognized by its guests as a premier provider and has evolved into a true multi-location corporate entity with such elite features as a Centralized Guest Reservation Center and a licensed in-house education staff. 
Our focus is not merely servicing our guests. We strive to create a behind the scenes environment that promotes better work habits, higher sales, increased guest loyalty, easier management, and a well run machine that can virtually operate and grow on its own. At European Wax Center our focal point is P.R.I.D.E. 

PROVIDE a whole new dimension of franchise 
RAISE the bar in image, structure, organization, technology, education, guest service and marketing 
INSPIRE ideas, suggestions and comments 
DEDICATED to facilitate the relationships within and the continued growth of the entire franchise network 
EDUCATE, evaluate and recognize 

We offer a high-end environment at an extremely competitive price point. Our strong corporate image and brand is well known throughout South Florida as we service thousands of satisfied guests each and every month. 

Our company has extremely solid footing with regards to systems, structure, organization, state of the art information technology, and associate education. 

European Wax Center will be awarding franchises to a select number of qualified individuals. If you would like to learn more about our franchise opportunity and you think you would be a good match to join our team, it would be our pleasure to speak with you.

While no one tracks the number of women getting waxed each year, analysts say that it is safe to assume that it is a multimillion dollar industry. The process of hair removal has become a growing industry. And of the several methods of hair removal, waxing presents significant advantages. 
Waxing delivers a smooth feel and long-lasting effect. The more frequently this method is applied, the softer, finer, and sparser the hair becomes. And, because hair grows from the follicle, the ends of hair outgrowth are not blunt, meaning very little irritation, redness, or itchiness.

1. Waxing is also economical, and because it pulls out hair from the roots, the re-growth time is relatively long, usually four weeks or more.
2. Any area of the face and body can be treated with this quick hair removal method. While an individual can do his or her own waxing, better results are obtained by using a professional.
3.  Today, body waxing has become fashionable and the number of people who are seeking to be hair free is steadily increasing amongst both men and women alike. 

At European Wax Center we are serving this expanding market with professionally trained estheticians. We offer our guests fabulous price incentives, superior guest service and much more. And we are now expanding through the tried and true business method of franchising! 

European Wax Center’s goal is to provide the ultimate body wax experience to both men and women. Guests come to us to achieve a consistent, smooth appearance that they can’t achieve through home hair removal. From their very first experience and on each visit thereafter, our clients delight is our commitment to excellence. 

What makes European Wax Center so exclusive? The secret lies in our signature wax, which is imported from Europe. This specialized wax moisturizes the skin, as it shrink wraps to remove unwanted hair. It is developed to be effective at a comfortable temperature, reducing much of the discomfort often associated with traditional waxing. 

Our unique wax is just one of our key distinguishing elements. This is just one of the many products that comprise our excellent operation in the European Wax Center business system and the solid foundation upon which our franchisees will base their business. 

Over the years, our business system has evolved into a strategic tool we use to satisfy, maintain, and grow our guest base. As a European Wax Center franchisee, you will be using this system to operate your own top-quality hair removal business, dazzling your guests with brilliant guest service. You will be able to offer great pricing, in-demand services, and exceptional packages! 

European Wax Center takes great pride in its high-end image and brand. Over the years we have worked hard at developing every collateral marketing piece. Once you develop unique loyalty and reward programs, it’s important not to forget that a key element in the success of the program will be based on how well you get the information across to your target market. European Wax Center, as you will learn, is extremely dedicated to maintaining a high quality and successful image, brand and marketing formula.  

• Professionally Designed Products and Displays
• Soothing Treatment Rooms Designed to Promote Sales
• Pre defined Areas to Market Packages and Promotions
• Facility Designed to Easily Maintain
• Identifiable Brand and Image
• Upscale, Crisp, Clean Environment

and Extensive
Support Services
European Wax Center values its internal education department as one of its most precious assets. Our licensed education staff works hard on developing and improving the resources and tools available to help you train an efficient and effective staff. 

We focus on developing tools to help train you and your staff on: 

  • Scripted Answers

  • Scripted Procedures

  • Training Manuals and PowerPoint Presentations

  • “How To” Reference Guides

  • Guest Services

  • Management Training

  • Inventory Control

  • Associate Management

  • Exactly what to say and when 

  • New Guest Check-In/Out - Existing Guest Check-In/Out 

  • Visual step by step tutorials on all aspects of the Point-Of-Sale and Associate Procedures, and trainings 

  • An onsite manual allowing easy access to step by step instructions on all daily procedures and the most common Q & A. 

  • As a franchisee, you will learn all about our Guest Services center. How we train our staff, What we train them on, and Why. 

  • Learn tools to help you evaluate and communicate effectively with your staff 

  • Learn how to effectively manage and order your inventory 

  • Learn skills on hiring, terminating, evaluating, and motivating your staff 

State of the Art
It’s one thing to have many ideas on the table, but it’s a whole other world when you have the systems in place and technology at your fingertips to seamlessly calculate and perform. 
With the resources we give you, the possibilities are virtually endless... 

Online Booking for Guests
Ability for guests to book reservations and review their sales history online in real time 

Automated Guest Rewards
Setup Reward programs that the Point-Of-Sale will automatically facilitate 

Automated Referral Program
Setup a Referral program that the Point-Of-Sale will automatically facilitate 

Online Access for your Associates
This allows your associates to view their schedules, actual hours worked, and sales totals on line 

Offsite Management
Securely access and manage your appointment book, reports, payroll, inventory and any 
aspect of the Point-Of-Sale from anywhere in the world where you have high-speed internet 

Proprietary Owner Management Software
Maintain efficiency, effectiveness and manage all aspects of your franchise 

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