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Excalibur Technology Corporation

Welcome to the opportunity to run your own successful consulting business firm! Unlike the standard "break/fix" computer franchise business opportunities available today, Excalibur Technology is a professional consulting firm that focuses on providing networking and infrastructure solutions with a successful business to business sales model based on multiple monthly recurring revenue streams.

Our firm affords each potential franchisee the tools and knowledge to manage and run a successful consulting firm without worrying about all the basic details of managing a business. This frees you up to focus on the most important aspects of your business - your clients and your staff.

Excalibur Technology is a premier provider of network and Internet services, specializing in complete business support. Whether your clients need a complete infrastructure upgrade, a new server, one or dozens of computers, secure VPN access, custom programming or a new website, you are their trusted single partner to guide them through all of their network infrastructure and implementation decisions. From on-site service calls to instant Help Desk support, you are the only IT source your clients will ever need.

Why Invest in a Computer Networking Consulting Firm?

While the challenges for a small business owner across industries and organizations may differ, the response to those challenges always depends on people. People get the job done. Connecting people to information, systems, and devices empowers them to do their jobs faster, smarter, and more effectively.

Any organization that uses computers and owns a computer networking system will fully understand what it feels like to have the system malfunction and for machines to be inoperable for periods of time. Ironically, it usually occurs when you are working on a very important project.

How many times have you heard those dreaded words, "I am sorry, the system is down"? Sometimes the problem can be solved quickly and easily and sometimes the cause of the problem and/or its corresponding solution can be allusive and require the help of an expert computer networking consulting firm.

Generally every small business owner has on retainer a legal advisor and a financial advisor, be it a tax accountant or general accountant. How many small business owners have an I.T. advisor? They all need a person or partner to help direct and guide them on their most important people asset, their computer network infrastructure?

Businesses today are realizing that there has never been a greater need for IT to becomeand be seen asa true corporate asset that delivers ongoing business value. Successful IT systems evolve with the business. Successful IT departments move beyond purely reactive operations to become strategic drivers of business results.

The U.S. economy is by no means dominated by giant corporations. Fully 99 percent of all independent enterprises in the country employ fewer than 500 people. These small enterprises account for 52 percent of all U.S. workers, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). Some 19.6 million Americans work for companies employing fewer than 20 workers, 18.4 million work for firms employing between 20 and 99 workers, and 14.6 million work for firms with 100 to 499 workers. By contrast, 47.7 million Americans work for firms with 500 or more employees. Small businesses are a continuing source of dynamism for the American economy. They produced three-fourths of the economy's new jobs between 1990 and 1995, an even larger contribution to employment growth than they made in the 1980s.

How many small business owners have a networking consulting firm partner? The opportunities and available market are countless.

Why are we different?

  • High demand business need: as referenced above the SMB market is almost endless. Every SMB has computers and they require a partner to not just fix them when they break, but to be their "virtual CIO" and advise them as a business consulting partner.

  • We offer a complete suite of services, everything from internet connectivity, custom built PCs and servers, Web and Application Design, Help Desk Support, monitoring and support services for complete network infrastructures, and much more. If a business requires it to help their business run, we can help! Many of our service offerings are invoiced to the client on a monthly basis resulting in recurring revenue and consistent revenues.

  • Professional Consulting separates you from the "geeks" out there. Business owners don't need a technical partner if all they can do is respond to broken computer requests. Business owners need a reliable consulting partner that can manage their technology infrastructure and guide their technical needs based on their individual business, not a chain or franchise based on "geeks" in cute cars. Anybody can be a geek, it takes a professional consultant to impact a clients business through technical expertise.

  • Data Center Services are a great way to support and service clients no matter their location. This allows your franchise the potential to be global if your clients have additional locations. The Internet is an amazing and powerful tool for all business owners. Our Data Center Services not only allow you to offer great Internet based business solutions, but they also afford each franchise a valuable guaranteed recurring revenue stream.

  • Total Support Solution (TSS) managed services allows each franchise owner the ability to support clients no matter their location without adding expensive staff and expertise to perform the labor. This cuts down on your cost while increasing your valuable guaranteed revenue stream and allows you to support your clients on a global basis.
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