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Fitness Evolution

What is Fitness Evolution?

A new brand designed for sustainability and enduring success.

We Are Evolving

The way fitness was delivered and sold 10 years ago, 5 years ago or even last year is being made obsolete each day by technology, consumer needs and competition. We embrace this change as fuel for growth! In each of our markets we develop exactly what that market needs and build in the flexibility to change and adapt each location as opportunity presents itself.

Who is Evolution Fitness?

We are a team of lifelong fitness business operators that have constructed, owned, developed, managed, and operated facilities nationwide. All members of the executive team either sold their legacy gyms to national brands or left their executive positions with a singular focus; fix how fitness is delivered nationwide.

Flexibility and Acceptance

Few brands accept existing facilities without hundreds of thousands of dollars of remodeling to conform to their brand. Different boxes, colors and styles are not a concern for us. We want you to dominate your market and will work with you on a facility improvement plan that makes you stronger every week, month and quarter. Each market is different and should be treated as unique. We have a successful formula that can accommodate numerous facility types and legacy developments.

Our Motto:

"We will make it easier and more profitable to do business with us, than without us"

  • Personal assistance and guidance
  • A website with online signup, integrated billing and marketing, and mobile ready.
  • Managed Search Engine Optimization
  • Branding, logos and secure trademarks
  • Manuals, HR documents, business plan, and proforma templates
  • Interior design by an industry leader
  • Equipment purchase agreements
  • Our industry leading marketing company is ready to launch fully-integrated campaigns for you.
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