Footprints Floor Franchise

Footprints Floor

Min. Liquid Capital: $30,000

Total Investment: $65,500 - $91,600

Net Worth Required: $75,000

Initial Franchise Fee: $57,900

Training Provided: Yes

No of Existing Units: 17

Company-Owned Units: 8

Average Sales Last Year: $831,682

About Footprints Floor

Footprints Floors represents everything that is right in the flooring installation and restoration industries. We provide a consultative estimate to our customers with no hard closes and a business model where Franchise Owners can start onboarding jobs the week after they finish training. With an initial investment as low as $65,500 and low overhead costs, there is a high potential for returns in a relatively short timeframe.

Unlike our competitors, we aren’t creating or selling a product directly to the customer. We don’t have a showroom, we don’t need any storage for materials, and we aren’t limited to any brands when completing a job. Our Franchise Owners coordinate directly with homeowners and then coordinate with expert subcontractors who have been hired to complete the job.

Why Footprints Floor?


Low Investment & Quick Returns:

Our Franchise Owners do not have to build or lease a showroom. With much lower overheads than our competitors, our average investment range is between $65,500 – $91,600 for a single territory.

Outstanding Economics:

We aren’t restricted to selling certain products or suppliers. Due to our unique flooring franchise model, we can reach and service more customers than any of our competitors. System-wide our average revenues are $831,382 with our highest performing hitting $1,310,389!

Home Based & Minimal Employees:

We do not require any type of showroom. Our concept is home-based and Owners hire subcontractors to perform all jobs and oversee the business from a management standpoint. This means there is no rent, no build out, and no HR cost, making our overhead extremely low and margins very attractive.

Unmatched Backend Support:

Our Franchise Owners own their own business that is backed by the full support of a national corporate team, complete with a call center responsible for setting appointments tailored to each Franchise Owner's schedule, generating new leads, and much more.


Our industry-disrupting model allows Franchise Owners the opportunity to create a healthy work-life balance while building a stable, prosperous business.

How our Business Model Works:

  1. Acquiring Jobs- Customers request work through the Corporate Call Center where a person then refers the work to the Franchise Owner.
  2. Confirming Jobs - The Franchise Owner confirms the job with the customers and collects a down payment. This confirmed work is then referred to the Franchise Owner’s Production Coordinator.
  3. Completing Jobs - The Production Coordinator refers the already confirmed work to a group of professional, expert-trained Subcontractors. The Subcontracts then go to work to complete all of the confirmed work.
  4. Confirming Completion - Once the Production Coordinator has confirmed that the necessary work has been completed, the Franchise Owner confirms the satisfaction with the customer and then collects the remainder of the balance.

Ideal Candidate

Our ideal Franchise Owner is self-motivated, goal oriented, and quick on their feet! There is a moderate demand for problem solving under stress and a need for above average communication skills.

You will need to know how to be organized and stay organized with a myriad of tasks and demands. No single task in the business is difficult but with how busy our Franchise Owners are, these small tasks can accumulate quickly. Our Franchise Owners need to be able to remain on top of their necessary tasks and to follow our proven systems which are critical in running and maintaining healthy businesses.

We also work well with Conversion Franchise Owners. That is, those who are already in the flooring industry with their own independent business and who are looking to break through the ceiling of earning potential that is inherent in a smaller operation. You don’t need experience in marketing or managing an increased customer load — this is all provided by Footprints HQ!

If this sounds like you, then we would love to talk with you to determine whether you might be an ideal Franchise Owner at Footprints Floors!

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