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Air Force Veteran Launches Doo Care Into Phoenix – 8/13/2008

Franchise Owner Handles the Dirty Problem of Pet Waste Removal
While Striving to be a Leading 'Green' Service Provider in Phoenix

(Phoenix, AZ) --- Let's look at the facts. You have a high-growth industry with untapped market potential, impressive financial metrics and a mission to provide eco-friendly solutions to a very real environmental problem.

Your success is built on the axioms of all serviced-based businesses: capture market share in this high-demand sector, provide excellent customer service to build and retain a loyal clientele and manage operational efficiencies to drive profits.

The business model has already been proven. It has built a loyal following of residential and commercial clients and is well positioned to become the predominant brand that customers will associate with your business.

And if you're like franchise owner Michael O'Neil, an Air Force veteran in Phoenix, AZ, you'll take all that into consideration and realize that Doo Care is not about dog poop. Doo Care is about margins, efficiencies and customer service, all the same things that drive other service-based businesses, says O'Neil. I was looking for a high-growth service business, and my research showed that the dog waste business was both lucrative and underserviced.

Founded in August 2006, Doo Care is a relatively new concept in the booming pet services sector. Spending in the U.S. pet industry is staggering. In the last decade, expenditures nearly doubled from $23 billion in 1998 to over $43 billion forecasted for 2008. Nearly 45 million U.S. households have dogs and with today's busy lifestyles, many people don't want to spend time scooping and disposing of their dog's poop. The majority of dog-waste disposal businesses are small-scale independent poop scoopers who typically work part-time and have a modest portfolio of clients. There is no nationally recognized brand operator.

After retiring from a 20-year Air Force career, Michael O'Neil worked several years in IT networking and telecommunications. In July 2008, he launched his own Doo Care franchise, providing eco-friendly pet waste removal services to residential clients and communities in the Phoenix metro area.

I realize that dog poop cleaning isn't the sexiest business concept, but roughly 40 percent of U.S. households have dogs and have to cope with dog poop, says O'Neil. This has largely been an informal industry that's been poorly managed, poorly marketed and run by casual labor. This is a sector that is in a state of evolution, and Doo Care is well positioned to become a new brand leader. Add this to the very attractive financial metrics of the business, and I realized that this is the right concept at the right time.

As a low-cost franchise, with an investment starting at under $40,000, Doo Care has disclosed impressive financial results. In less than two years since its launch, the first Doo Care operation near Chicago, IL surpassed $22,000 in monthly revenues with gross margins of 55%.

However, the companys mission is focused on another type of green achievement, differentiating the company from other pooper scoopers. Doo Care strives to continually lead its sector in earth-friendly programs. Doo Care protects the environment by using biodegradable bags and disposes of pet waste in an environmentally friendly manner. The company is also testing three different dog waste recycling methodologies that would provide further environmental benefits. Doo Care is also the primary sponsor of Earth Paw (, an online forum to educate pet owners about being eco-friendly.

A recent study in San Francisco indicated that pet waste makes up 3.8 percent of residential landfills, most of it in non-degradable plastic bags. Dog waste also poses potential threats to water safety. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that for watersheds of up to 20 square miles draining to small coastal bays, two to three days of droppings from a population of about 100 dogs would contribute enough bacteria and nutrients to temporarily close a bay to swimming.

By using biodegradable bags to collect our waste, Doo Care helps to minimize the impact on landfills as opposed to using common plastic bags that biodegrade very slowly, explains O'Neil.

O'Neil is the latest franchise owner to join the nationally-expanding Doo Care dog waste removal franchise. Based in Tucson, AZ, the franchisor of Doo Care, DC Franchising LLC, launched a franchising program in late 2007 with an aggressive plan to open 200 franchises over the next five years. The company currently has operations servicing eight franchise territories in Arizona, Illinois and Ohio, and expects add an additional five franchises by the end of 2009.

Doo Care, meanwhile, has built a brand and business methodology that combines the power of marketing with efficient operating procedures to drive sales and control costs, while capturing market share and providing superior customer service.

When you combine those factors with Doo Care's aggressive focus on green solutions that preserve water and land by managing and disposing of pet waste in an environmentally appropriate manner, Doo Care is well-positioned to become the preeminent brand for dog waste management services.

Doo Care is looking for business owners, not poop scoopers. Franchise owners are expected to work on their business, while their part-time employees work in the field. Successful franchisees will spend the majority of their time on marketing and business development. Doo Care provides franchise owners with a wealth of tools to run their business efficiently and maximize financial results.

Among the offerings is a customized, web-based scheduling and routing program that gives franchisees the ability to maximize the efficiency of their service routes. The system can also be integrated with a GPS tracking system that enables the business owner or operations manager to monitor field teams and provide timesaving directions via mobile GPS units.

During the start-up phase, the business can be run from a home office, which significantly reduces overhead expenses. A protected territory consists of approximately 100,000 households, and Doo Care is seeking potential multi-unit franchisees who over several years can build their business into a market leader in multiple territories.

Franchise owners who succeed in building their business to two, three or more trucks have the opportunity to reach significant economies of scale that drive more money to the bottom line.

Doo Care's market opportunity extends far beyond residential services. Homeowners associations, apartment complexes and city parks are among the growing list of potential commercial customers that require a professional solution to the problem of dog waste.

Allowing dog waste to accumulate is bad for the environment and is a public health risk, and scooping poop is one of the most unpopular tasks of dog owners, says O'Neil. My Doo Care business intends to provide a convenient solution to this problem, one yard at a time.

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