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Blue Coast Financial Partners With Worlds Largest Energy Company – 5/31/2007

Electricity and Natural Gas Rates Expected to Double
According to a recent report from Bloomberg News, a respected worldwide business news service, future rates for electricity and gas are expected to rise by 100 - 125%, which translates into doubled rates for users. Furthermore, as previously reported by the Wall Street Journal, U.S. wholesale energy prices experienced a sharp rise with much higher than expected swelling increases in the production costs of energy, natural gas, and gasoline.

With energy costs typically being the third largest expense of U.S. companies, these dire forecasts of continued energy inflation could have devastating effects on the bottom line. But now theres hope. With energy deregulation laws quickly coming on the books in many states, businesses finally have the opportunity to choose a cost-saving and more reliable energy partner.

Blue Coast Partners for a Solution
Through an exclusive arrangement with the 90th largest company in the world, the energy company Forbes Magazine calls, the most admired global energy company, Blue Coast Financial Group proudly introduced its Electricity Deregulation Program into the marketplace, allowing its advisors the opportunity to immediately provide energy deregulation solutions in markets where it is currently offered. For qualifying companies located in states with a deregulated power industry such as Illinois, Texas, Maine, Massachusetts and New York Blue Coast offers the ability to lock-in low cost electrical power at a fixed-rate for up to 5 years. Typically, our clients enjoy savings that range from 10 to 30% on an annualized basis. Advisors will also be able to offer the services in additional state markets across the nation as they come online.

We love this relationship because it fits so well with our model of improving the bottom line of businesses, regardless of what industry they are in, says Shawn Hull, founder of Blue Coast Financial. Most companies see themselves as energy consumers rather than energy purchasers simply because they have never had a choice on how or where they buy their energy. With deregulation, companies can now make intelligent energy purchasing decisions that can have a very positive impact on their profitability over the long haul. Currently servicing over 500,000 customers, our world-class energy partner is completely vertical and answers the question, Can skyrocketing rates really be managed? ...with a resounding, Yes! We look forward to the success that our advisors will have with this program, both for their clients and for themselves. This is an emerging market that is still in its infancy and to already be partnered in with the industry leader puts our advisors in an incredible position for years to come.

About Blue Coast Financial
Blue Coast Financial Group is a licensed and registered business opportunity that provides cost-cutting financial services to companies throughout the United States. Some of their services include Equipment Leasing, Corporate Funding and Factoring, Income Tax Recovery, Workers Compensation Insurance Recovery, Cost Segregation, and now Energy Deregulation. The cost of the Blue Coast opportunity is $19,995 and the company provides both initial and ongoing training, active vendors, and initial clients to get started. Blue Coast has advisors nationwide. Whether youre just striking out on your own or your primary field of business is as a lawyer, accountant, financial/business services provider, management consultant or marketing entrepreneur, the services that they provide may be a good fit for your clientele. Please see their brochure on our website for additional details about their opportunity.

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