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BodyBrite Brings Pain-Free Hair Removal with Lasting Results and Transformative Skin Treatments to Midland – 5/16/2014

Local Entrepreneur Introduces Internationally-Acclaimed Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation Center to Midland

MIDLAND, Mich.: A trendsetting hair removal and skincare center will soon open its doors in Midland at 2906 N. Saginaw Rd. Known worldwide for its pain-free hair removal treatments with lasting results and state-of-the-art skin rejuvenation treatments, BodyBrite has signed a new lease agreement with a local entrepreneur to bring the exciting beauty brand to the community.

The hair removal and skin rejuvenation center specializes in intense pulsed light (IPL), a treatment method that has proven to be as permanent as conventional laser, but more affordable, safer and gentler than most other options. Kim Vogel, a Midland-area native and the co-owner a Midland-based in-home care business, will open the new center in Midland and run day-to-day operations with her professional team of hair removal and skin treatment estheticians.

BodyBrite's distinctive collection of luxury services includes hair removal for the entire body, teeth whitening along with face and body treatments. The teeth whitening service provides instant results after one visit. Likewise, IPL Skin Rejuvenation and the BodyBrite oxygen facial treatment both provide younger-looking skin immediately after the services begin.

"It is rewarding to be involved in businesses that help others feel better about themselves," said Vogel. "With BodyBrite's pricing structure, almost anyone can afford and benefit from a beauty service that previously only available to a privileged few."

Midland will be home to Michigan's first BodyBrite center, and the 22nd in the nation.

"Kim Vogel is an exciting addition to the BodyBrite family," said Chris Hardy, CEO of BodyBrite USA. "Her passion for the community and the excellent team of estheticians she's put together demonstrates her commitment to providing excellent and safe service to the people of Midland and the surrounding area."

Already established in Europe, the United Kingdom, Mexico and Central America with more than 200 centers open and operating, BodyBrite's expansion into Michigan is part of the company's strategic U.S. franchise growth initiative. During the past year, the brand has opened centers in key cities such as New York, Austin, Minneapolis and St. Louis. More than 30 additional units, all franchised locations, will open in the next several months.

The center in Midland will be bright, clean, comforting and modern, embodying the essence of BodyBrite. The brand is a refreshing addition to the hair removal and skin rejuvenation industries, as it makes transformative services available to the masses at affordable prices and in conveniently situated locations. Typically, laser services are priced too high for mainstream Americans to afford and are located only in higher-end shopping districts.

About BodyBrite
BodyBrite provides affordable, aesthetic services to a large demographic of men and women through state-of-the-art, FDA-approved intense pulsed light (IPL) that is safer and gentler than laser treatments and equally as effective. The BodyBrite franchise opportunity offers a viable business in a recession-proof, booming medical and spa aesthetics industry. Currently, there are more than 10 U.S. BodyBrite franchise locations open and 30 centers in development. There are more than 200 locations in Europe, the United Kingdom, Mexico and Central America.

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At BodyBrite, that's not just our slogan, it's our mission statement. We believe we can bring every person's inner-beauty out for the world to see, and we believe we can give anyone the tools they need to become a successful business owner. We believe in our concept, and as a franchisee, you will, too.<br><br>BodyBrite offers permanent hair removal and skin-rejuvenation services utilizing the newest laser based technologies for all of the body's critical areas at a price point that is obtainable to all.<br><br>The BodyBrite centers and franchise network have grown exponentially over the last three years. After seeing the success of our 2011 launch of our pilot center in New York City, we plan on a rapid expansion in the U.S. over the next 24 months. More info