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Day By Day Gourmet Franchise for Sale

Endorsement by Graham Kerr – 3/1/2006

Dear potential franchisee in Day-by-Day Gourmet,

By now you will have been told that I am an active participant in Day-by-Day Gourmet. My role is to provide oversight of all culinary efforts within the company. My interest is driven by my wife, Treena and her specific needs as well as my commitment to help to make our world a healthier, happier place, and my position as Culinary Director with in the company provides me an opportunity to assist people to enjoy mealtime to a greater extent, while simultaneously helping all of us to pay more attention to healthful eating habits.

Over the past fifteen years we have observed a gradual decline in the nutritional quality of our food supply. Good, health-promoting food is in short supply and limited in choice, especially to the lower middle class who are increasingly short of time. Convenient options are often relatively poor nutritional choices, and while serving sizes have increased, the consumption of nutrient-dense fresh fruit and vegetables has remained at a much lower than desired level. As a result, we are seeing an increase in weight gain leading to an increase in diseases such as coronary heart disease and Diabetes II, which appear to be spiraling out of control especially amongst those less fortunate.

This is where Day-by-Day Gourmet (DxDG) enters the picture. DxDG will provide a unique service, even amongst those with somewhat similar business models. Let us give you the first 'bite'.

DxDG has designed its product with a clear and consistent intent:

  1. TASTE, AROMA, COLOR and TEXTURE (TACT) must rule. Everyone fully understands that a growing business relies upon the customer's degree of enjoyment of its products and services.
  2. CONVENIENCE. The ease by which the customer grasps the complete benefit is vital. Every effort is made to clearly communicate throughout each stage of the sequence of service. "So that the one that reads it may run with it."
  3. NUTRITION. DxDG will strive to purchase the best quality ingredients, and to collect them together into recipes that minimize risk and maximize flavor.
  4. PRICE. Using every possible means, the company will seek to compete on price with a wide range of popular food providers, both in the customer-prepared and fully prepared categories. A great deal of attention is paid to perceived value.
  5. VALUE ADDED. Throughout the customer experience, DxDG employees will remain alert to customers' needs for assistance, providing culinary tips and serving ideas which enhance the dining experience, and which address individual nutritional needs and food preferences.
  6. ADVENTURE AND BACKGROUND KNOWLEDGE. Where there is a story to be told, DxDG will tell it. Famous national dishes often began their journey in far-off lands, and the company will trace that history for the customer, enhancing the overall enjoyment and understanding of the world of good eating.

Essentially, the entire operation is firmly based on serving the individual needs of the busy, modern household, with excellent value for the money. And now for the second 'bite': There are those who live and work amongst us whose income levels represent special pressures including difficulty in accessing fresh produce. These individuals often have few skills in whole food preparation. In response, DxDG has a plan to establish one in ten stores in the inner city where such conditions more often exist. The company's desire is to train, equip and mentor inner city 'neighbors' to own and operate these stores, and to encourage the development of basic culinary skills amongst those who seek them. While DxDG does not intend to financially support these locations, it has no profit motive in them, either. They will be one way for the company to give back to the communities it serves.

It is a long time since Treena and I have seen such a business plan. In fact, we had thought that such may not even exist in our winner-takes-all world. Our (my and Treena's) worldview is fashioned substantially by our faith, and as Christians we believe that our love for God should precede any lifestyle decision we make. We want to see this same love overflow as we seek to serve others and never exploit them. Partially for this reason, we currently have no other connection of any kind with any other product or service, and are encouraged and eager to throw in our five cents worth to help make DxDG both a secure and worthwhile investment.

May God bless you with wisdom as you consider this opportunity!

Graham and Treena Kerr
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Day By Day Gourmet Liquid Capital Required:
Total Investment:
$250,000 - $300,000

Day-by Day-Gourmet is significantly different than its competitors, as it is committed to being the absolute gold standard in the industry with regard to the quality of its meal offerings, while also being passionate about helping to stem the tide of obesity and diet-related health problems in America by offering a very nutritious alternative to fast food. More info