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Franchise Consulting- A Recession-Proof Business That Thrives in Any Economy – 12/16/2011

Despite the fact that the country continues to be mired in an economic downturn, Franchise Alliance founder and president, Dan Prechtel, finds himself in the enviable position of operating a business that continues to thrive.

Franchise Alliance is a franchise consulting company whose owners help people identify the franchise that is the best match for them, as well as helping independent companies become franchises. As a result,our owners experience the personal satisfactionthat comes from helping others achieve their goals, while enjoying the financial rewards that come from multiple income streams and very low overhead, says Dan Prechtel.

Mike Reis, one of the people who operate their own Franchise Consulting business by utilizing the Franchise Alliance system, has seen tremendous growth in this industry. In the last tenyears, the percent of franchise buyers who have used franchise consultants has grown from 5% to 35%. Thats700% growth in our industry! I dont know of any industry that has experienced that level of growth. And that number is projected to double to 70% in the next 10 years, so our business is well positioned for the future.

In addition, this isone of the businesses that performs even better in a struggling economy, Dan Prechtel explains. When people are downsized,they are forced to look for other options. Many of these people gravitate to franchises because of the proven systems, the high success rates, and the extensive training and support programs. Also, they use their buyouts and severance packages, many of which are very substantial,as investment capital. Plus,since we work with a higher level of clientele, those that need financing are still able to obtain it, especially because the franchises all work with funding sources that have already approved them.In addition,more franchise companies are now providing in-house financing to make sure that all qualifiedcandidates are able to become part of their system.

Also, when other industries, like real estate, trend lower, investors buy "absentee" franchises, where they can plug in a manager andthey don't need to beactive owners. They do this to achievebetter returns on their investments and to diversify their portfolios. Of course, when the economy improves and there is more capital available, there are always people who want to get into their own businesses, so Franchise Consulting has a consistent flow of business. It is not seasonal or cyclical, likereal estate or tax services.

Mike Reis shares that I have been a Franchise Consultantforover8years, andI have experienced consistent growth in my business, including the past two years. It has been mymost profitable,most flexible andmost rewarding business, and I certainly intend on continuing to run this business formany more years.

The Leader in a Flourishing Industry

Although the franchise consulting industry as a whole is experiencing significant growth, its Franchise Alliances commitment to excellence thats made it the most successful franchise consulting company in the industry. The company has consultants in the United States, Canada and Europe.

Dan Prechtel, the President of Franchise Alliance,has over 25 years of experience, and is considered by industry insiders as the founder of franchise consulting and its leader in innovation. As a result, he has established relationships with the most and the best franchises, and he has developed the most comprehensive training and support program. So you do not need prior industry experience to be very successful in this business. What you do need to bring to this business are strong communication and organizational skills, a strong desire to help others, the ability to manage business relationships, and the willingness to learn and follow a proven system.

Franchise Alliance has had tremendous success in the franchise consulting industry because the company has relationships with the most and the best franchise companies in the industryand only works with the franchises that have the best success rates and the best training and support systems, Dan Prechtel explains. We work with more of Entrepreneur magazines Top 500 franchises than anyone else, and we continue to add new franchise companies to our portfolio every month.

Franchise Alliance consultants can focus prospective franchisees on the best opportunities availablebecause weve already done the research for themsaving them a great deal of time and effort...This puts Franchise Alliance consultants in a better position to provide the best help to the most people, he said.

Dan Prechtel continues, Our system also includes a Franchise Partner program, where we help independent businesses become franchises. Other companies in this industry do not offer this service. Franchise Alliance is able to do so because we have the people who have the necessary expertise franchise attorneys, franchise advertisers and website developers. This provides Franchise Consultants with another substantial revenue stream or an equity position in the new franchise. Consultants also generate additional income when they help their clients obtain financing for their franchises. Franchise Alliance has relationships with a number of the most reputable financing companies.

Also, Franchise Alliance, Inc. is the only company in this industry that does not charge royalties. Since the other companies take anywhere from 10% to 35% of your revenue, this translates toan additional income ofseveral hundred thousand dollarsover the life of your business!

A Proven, Flexible Business Model

In addition to offering in-demand consulting services that attract a vast audience of prospective franchisees, Franchise Alliance consultants have the added benefit of owning a business that easily adapts to their lifestyle. Consultants can operate this business from their home or a small office, requiring only a phone, fax and computer, Mike Reis explains.
Consultants have the flexibility to start this business on a full-time basis, or on a part-time basis while maintaining their current position. Since consultants do not need a retail location, they can control their business and have tremendous freedom and flexibility as to when and where they operate their business, Reis said. Whether consultants choose to run their business from home, or from an office, they can take advantage of Franchise Alliances affordable, proven business system that requires no employees, no inventory and no travel.
In addition to joining the leader in the lucrative franchise consulting industry, owning a successful business that helps others realize their dream of business ownership can be extremely gratifying and the biggest reward of all.

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