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Kona-Ice and Franchise Insites Having Fun With Successful Expansion – 6/23/2009

Kona-Ice and Franchise Insites are enjoying a fun and dynamic expansion of the Cincinnati-based frozen treat concept. They faced a multitude of hurdles as they initiated their expansion effort in December dealing with the holidays, the height of the recession, the election, and the credit crisis. On top of that, they were selling ice in the wintertime with a goal of 34 new units on a relative start-up. Yet with summer just now really setting upon us, they are poised to exceed their annual sales goal by the end of June and they are running with a full head of steam.

While most of the industry is full of 'doom and gloom,' Kona is flourishing and having fun doing it. "Kona-Ice is a wonderful concept that was built on fun and Tony Lamb is the consummate franchisor," says David Gollahon, CEO of Franchise Insites. "All of the ground level work was done to perfection with this concept from initial franchisee success & support to the branding & imaging. Tony's vision is impeccable and I feel blessed to be an integral part of the expansion from the outset."

"We normally work with more established brands," Mr. Gollahon continues, "where there is a need to tune the steps in the recruitment process to bring about more efficiency and effectiveness to the money being spent. With Kona, I immediately saw Tony's vision for his concept and the strength in what he had created. The concept is very fun and straightforward to operate and we take the same approach to the advertising and selling of it. Tony Lamb is a dynamic person with an incredible idea that he brought into reality at a level of satisfaction and success rarely seen today. On top of that, it's truly a concept that enriches the community by providing not only fun for the children but fantastic fundraising opportunities for the schools, churches, and athletic teams. I truly believe that Kona-Ice will become a household name in a relatively short amount of time. It has all the right ingredients."

While the concept was built for expansion from the beginning, Tony started with his own trucks, which he still owns and operates. Here he spent time refining his process production, honing in his profit centers, developing marketing materials, and really proving his concept. The first year of expansion was intentionally limited in order to assure the success and satisfaction of a small number of franchisees, while also allowing time to streamline the support system needed. If it can be said that there is no better way to lead than by example, then it can be said that Tony is leading his franchisees to success. His personal trucks are bringing fun, music, and frozen treats to Cincinnati and northern Kentucky as an ongoing testament to the successful system that he has built.

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