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Teddy's Bigger Burgers Franchise for Sale


HONOLULU, HI (October 25, 2012) Two new franchises, one in Seattle, WA and onein Iowa City, IA, have joined the family of Teddys Bigger Burgers locations nationwide,and market expansion is accelerating for the local burger company built on the premise ofserving up the best quality burgers in an energetic, fast-paced environment with a fun50s theme.

Opening a brand-new franchise in the greater Seattle area is Ken Wong, whose decadelongbackground in manufacturing consulting and two years in project managing willserve him well as he launches the Seattle Teddys. His father owned a restaurant inKamloops, Canada, and spent almost 40 years in the food service industry. For Wong, thefood service industry has always been about family working toward the same goalstogether, part of what attracted him to the Teddys franchise.

The first time I had a Teddys burger was three years ago in Honolulu, Wong said. Mysister took me there on my first trip to Hawaii and told me about how amazing it was. Ofcourse I was a little bit skeptical, but as soon as I took a bite, I said Wow, this is the bestburger Ive had in my life!

A few years later, Wong found out that there was a Teddys in Woodinville, near Seattle,and made a beeline to the restaurant for lunch, where he found out about the franchiseopportunity.

Wong plans to work closely with Seattles sister location, Woodinville, to build theTeddys brand one step at a time and create a strong, family-oriented following offamilies with children, who are looking for a spot with a fun personality and quality food.Wongs Seattle branch joins Iowa City as the two newest franchises to sign on with theHawaii-based Teddys Bigger Burgers brand, along with planned franchises in the newlyopened California territories of San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles and the BayArea.

Iowa City franchise head Sandy Ting, a business finance major, grew up in the restaurantindustry. Her family owns Kings Red Lantern Chinese restaurant in Iowa, and has beenin the restaurant business for over 20 years, which makes her a perfect fit for the TeddysBigger Burgers family.

A friend took me out to eat at Teddys while I was visiting the island, Ting said, and Iloved it! Everything was fresh and had a great taste to it. The meat was moist and juicy,and it didnt have that oily taste to it. I actually saw the franchise poster while we wereeating and started looking at regions they were promoting, and noticed that Iowa was oneof them.

Ting is optimistic about the reception that Teddys will get in Iowa, and plans to cater tothe diverse University of Iowa community with a location close to campus.I think people will love it, she said. Its something that hasnt been introduced in thearea before, and it will be refreshing. We want to find the right fit with the Universitycommunity and make sure that the first Teddys in Iowa creates a lasting impression. Tings location in Iowa City joins Ken Wongs branch in Seattle as the two newestTeddys franchises.

Ken and Sandy, we are proud to be a part of your future, and we look forward toachieving great things together, said co-owner Ted Tsakiris. Our goal is to continueexpanding in the next few years, with five to six new stores on Oahu. We are excited toannounce that our newest territory offering is California, where we feel that developmentwill be robust.

Teddys Bigger Burgers, started in Hawaii in 1998, currently operates several popularlocations on Oahu, and is looking to expand to the Outer Islands and the Mainland,primarily in the Pacific Northwest. The Teddys brand is built on the premise of a 50sstyle, high-energy burger joint that features 100 percent ground chuck flame-broiledburgers, old-fashioned extra thick shakes, consistently excellent customer service andunique local flavors and custom concoctions in every franchise.

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A Teddys Bigger Burgers Restaurant offers an opportunity for our franchisees to "Reinvent the Burger Joint". <br><br>Pre-Opening Support Services<br><ul><li>Guidelines for site location, restaurant design and construction</li><li>Access to Teddys Bigger Burgers Confidential Operations Manual</li><li>Assistance in developing relationships with key suppliers<br><li>Guidance in planning grand opening marketing activities for your restaurant</li><li>On-site training of your staff</li><li>Up to 8 weeks of intensive corporate site training program for you and key managers<br></ul>Ongoing Support Services<br><ul><li>Approximately 2 - 3 weeks grand opening assistance</li><li>Access to our management and operations staff</li><li>Field support provided at your location</li><li>On-going refresher training via web and in-person training modules</li><li>Continual updates to procedures and menu items</li><li>Marketing guidance and support</li></ul> More info