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MarketingSage Unveils Lead Generation Tune Up Service – 3/9/2009

MarketingSage uses experience, process and technology to help businesses generate more sales leads, improve the quality of their leads and improve their sales close rate.

February 25, 2009, Pleasanton, California, USA MarketingSage, a provider of integrated marketing services, today announced a new Lead Generation Tune Up service designed to help businesses generate more sales leads, improve the quality of their leads and improve their sales close rate.

"Most businesses have some sort of sales lead generation system, but many of these systems fall far short of expectations," said David Lamont, CEO of MarketingSage Corp. "The result is a loss of sales opportunities and higher than necessary marketing expenses. Many companies try tactic after tactic and gimmick after gimmick, but just end up wasting their time and money. They get frustrated with their staff, agencies and vendors because what seems to work for their competitors is not working for them. Each business deserves a lead generation system that works for their unique situation and that's what the MarketingSage service is designed to deliver."

MarketingSage's comprehensive methodology identifies a company's most desirable target audiences, where to reach them, how to get them to identify themselves, and how to communicate with them effectively throughout the sales cycle. An industry specialist examines the existing system of promotions, lead capture and lead nurturing methods along with the company's messages to find ways to increase the success rate.

"The problem is usually in the details and it's very hard for company insiders to spot these problems," continued Lamont. "MarketingSage provides a set of fresh eyes as well as years of experience and a comprehensive process."

The Lead Generation Tune Up service follows a five stage process and uses tools proprietary to MarketingSage. The end result is a clear and practical plan that identifies specific, relevant media for advertising and public relations, a cleaned and segmented house mail list and a press release, sales letter, advertisement or other communication piece created to meet a client's specific needs.

The Lead Generation Tune Up service is available for a fixed fee of $9,950 by participating associates. Client satisfaction is guaranteed.

About MarketingSage

MarketingSage is a US-based full-service marketing firm that helps other marketers and business executives increase revenue by cost-effectively generating sales leads, building brands, launching products and developing sales channels. MarketingSage is more effective than typical agencies because its associates are highly motivated business owners (franchisees) with years of experience in their clients industry. Associates are trained, equipped and supported in their delivery of best-practice marketing programs. MarketingSage was founded in 2001 and serves national and international clients.
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MarketingSage Liquid Capital Required:
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$44,500 - $115,000
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A MarketingSage franchise is a high margin business consulting opportunity for qualified marketing, sales, service, executive level managers and agencies. The investment cost is low, overhead is low, and you can earn a CEO's income from a home office. More info