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New U.S. Expansion Strategy to Build A Buyers Choice Home Inspections into Worlds Largest Residential Inspection Company – 2/19/2013

Home Inspection Franchise Poised for Accelerated Growth in Targeted Markets

Company Projects Tripling Size of U.S. Franchisee Base in the Next Two Years

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. A Buyers Choice Home Inspections (ABCHI) USA is returning trust, safety and security to a fractured housing market with an innovative home inspection business poised for U.S. prominence.

To meet the needs of a steadily recovering market, ABCHI today announced an aggressive growth strategy, which calls for expanding from nearly 30 U.S. offices today to more than 100 by 2015. The companys U.S. growth expectations will make it the worlds largest home inspection business.

Out of the ashes of a burst bubble, A Buyers Choice Home Inspections is emerging as a key piece of the puzzle to solve the U.S. housing sectors recovery, said Bill Redfern, founder, president and CEO of Pompano Beach, Fla.-based ABCHI USA. The strength of A Buyers Choice Home Inspections is grounded in the support we offer franchisees. Its the foundation of what we do. We take deep pride in our ability to provide outstanding training, ongoing marketing assistance and a collection of proven processes and systems to help them run their businesses as efficiently as possible.

Already, ABCHI is Canadas largest home inspection franchise with more than 120 branches throughout the country. Additionally, the company has grown into Chile, the Czech Republic, New Zealand and Slovakia.

This is all taking shape because weve worked diligently to become the most trusted home inspection business in North America, added Redfern, who is a seasoned industry executive with more than two decades of experience developing, owning and managing real estate.

In addition to his real estate investments and management roles, Redfern worked as a real estate broker for 10 years. ABCHI is the only major home inspection company with a foundation deeply rooted in the real estate industry.

Currently, ABCHI franchise units are seeing 15 percent growth in revenue because of the rebounding economy, an improving housing market and ABCHIs proven business model. With demand growing for reliable and professional home inspections that publish easy to understand results, the company is filling a void in what is often seen as an ad hoc home inspection industry. Using proprietary software, ABCHI creates comprehensive reports for consumers that help them make more informed decisions about homes they are considering purchasing. A growing number of real estate agents are also partnering with the home inspection service, taking a proactive approach to attract homebuyers to properties.

The industry is peeling away the effects of the crash, Redfern said. Transparency is more important than ever before, and our home inspection business is paving the way for home buyers and sellers.

Ideal for corporate escapees in search of greater work-life balance, an opportunity to work from home and a fast growing sector with unlimited potential, ABCHI offers franchise investors a turnkey operation. According to company estimates, franchisees can earn a healthy living working less than eight hours a day following the ABCHI business model. With few additional startup costs, the total franchise fee is $29,900. The low-cost franchise investment includes training, marketing tools and ongoing support from the home office.

We are seeking to award franchises with professional experience who may be tired of working for someone else or who are seeking a new career path, Redfern said. The right franchisee for us are people who want to take control of their career and invest in a proven formula to achieve that. The key to this franchise is in the quality of work one puts into it, not in the quantity of hours worked.

Redfern started his home inspection business in Canada in the mid-2000s, remarkably turning it into the largest home inspection franchise in that country after only two years of franchising. His track record of success stems from his remarkable attention to detail. Every ABCHI inspector is insured and certified above licensing standards, going beyond what states require of independent home inspectors.

About A Buyers Choice Home Inspections
A Buyers Choice Home Inspections (ABCHI) is a franchise business meeting the huge demand for home inspections. The company is rapidly expanding throughout the United States, Canada and worldwide, on a path to become the worlds largest home inspection company. By focusing on developing and maintaining local, trust-based relationships with its customers, ABCHI is creating a home inspection business unlike any other. Currently, there are more than 120 franchises across Canada, nearly 30 in the United States and dozens more internationally.

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