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NJOY NOW Debuts New Animated Commercials – 8/27/2007

Commercials features "Jack N' Joy", the New Faces of NJOY NOW Prepaid Adult Cards

Chicago - A handsome man with a chiseled jaw saves the beautiful damsel in distress from certain danger. The alluring lady becomes weak in the knees, starry-eyed and generally smitten, like a school girl in love.

Is this the beginning of a new Harlequin romance novel?

No. But, it is just about as steamy and enticing.

It's the first in a series of animated commercials for the new faces of NJOY NOW Prepaid Adult Entertainment Cards, "Jack N' Joy".

The Jack N' Joy commercials are a flirty, humorous spin on NJOY NOW branding. The commercial shows a beautiful blonde Joy buying an NJOY NOW Prepaid Adult Card, only to slip and embarrass herself as Jack, a swarthy guy with a smirk, comes to her rescue.

The commercials aren't just about romance & sex appeal, though.

"Our primary reason for creating Jack N' Joy was to increase mainstream awareness of the NJOY NOW brand. 40 million American adults regularly view online adult entertainment and NJOY NOW is here to help them do that anonymously", says NJOY NOW spokesman, Steve Levine.

Levine added that, in upcoming commercials, new characters would also make cameos, as the Jack N' Joy romance unfolds. "We're not saying who just yet", said Levine, "but stay tuned because we have some exciting plans for Jack N' Joy."

The animated commercials can be viewed on NJOY All Access and on the NJOY NOW YouTube site. was established in 2006 and has quickly become a destination for online adult entertainment. NJOY NOW offers an adult prepaid card that allows members' access to the highest quality adult entertainment available, from producers such as Hustler and Vivid Video.
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