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Njoy All Access Business Opportunity

NJOY NOW HOSTS HOUSEBOAT EVENT IN LAKE OF THE OZARKS, MO<br>Adult Entertainment Visits World Famous Party Cove, June 12th thru June 18th, 2007 – 5/3/2007

Chicago, IL - Party Cove made famous by Joe Francis and his Girls Gone Wild series is being targeted by this summer for another Privacy is Priceless' promotion.

NJOY NOW is a new website that allows adults to access an online magazine featuring erotic entertainment, without the burden of sharing personal information like credit card info, or email addresses. The NJOY NOW prepaid adult entertainment card is available at traditional high traffic businesses, like gas stations and convenience stores. As distribution increases, NJOY NOW will be found side by side with Playboy and lottery tickets.

Party Cove is located in Lake of the Ozarks, MO. In May, 2005 Men's Fitness magazine named Party Cove the No. 1 summer party destination in North America -- ahead of Las Vegas, Cabo Wabo and South Beach -- describing it as a "Greek kegger meets a Roman orgy."

Party Cove has hosted countless Girls Gone Wild film crews. Being featured on Playboy Channel has also contributed to the well-earned reputation as a "Backwater Sodom and Gomorrah." NJOY NOW has decided to contribute to the adult nature of Party Cove. "The Cove and NJOY NOW are made for each other. Like Jenna Jameson and plastic surgery." States Steve Levine, marketing coordinator for NJOY NOW.

"We are not only building a recognizable brand, but we are also establishing distribution for our NJOY NOW cards. Stores need this product, as it generates new money at the register. Consumers need NJOY because they can finally trust that they can see entertainment for adults without fear of credit card fraud, recurring fees or identity theft. The card is purchased at the stores they already know and trust. I can personally testify that my marriage has improved since I began enjoying NJOY," states a deadpan Levine.

When asked about the state of adult entertainment, Levine responds, "NJOY NOW is the future of adult entertainment. Magazine sales continue to decline because of the popularity of online news and entertainment. Now consider how the industry has cannibalized itself by beating customers up with recurring fees. This has opened the door for NJOY NOW. The ability to securely purchase a card from a merchant, and only pay for what you want has stores, and visitors asking the same question. Why has it taken so long?"

The 65' Houseboat will feature live music, DJ's, games and goodies. It has been outfitted in banners to promote this new way to access adult entertainment. Levine explains, "24 hour cards will be available for adults to help improve the brand recognition of NJOY NOW. Ultimately the visitors will become consistent buyers. 30 Days of unlimited access is only $20. Our slogan is Privacy is Priceless', but we also know that Sex Sells."

NJOY NOW and Party Cove is an example of products and events planned. "Party Cove is not all fun and games. We will be working hard promoting and developing our brand, and distributors. I have to ask you to print that, my wife may read this", said Levine.

NJOY NOW was established in 2006 and has quickly become a destination for online adult entertainment. NJOY NOW offers a pre-paid card that allows members' access to the highest quality adult entertainment available, from content providers such as Hustler and Vivid Video.
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The largest presence on the Internet belongs to adult entertainment. The biggest obstacle to enjoying quality adult content is the lack of privacy. This is why Njoy is the hottest new small business opportunity in the world. Our cards are the future of adult entertainment, providing completely anonymous access to the Internets hottest content. Become an Njoy distributor and become a part of history! More info