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Omega Learning Center wins award from Georgia Better Business Bureau for their Outstanding Customer Satisfaction Rating – 4/22/2008

Omega Learning Center was recently recognized at the Georgia Better Business Bureau Torch Awards Ceremony April 17th, 2008. Omega Learning Center won First Runner-up out of more than 60 Georgia businesses in the competition area of Community Service. Customer Satisfaction is predominantly defined by a business' ability to successfully fulfill the consumers' needs in their community. Omega Learning Center's brochure asserts that it provides private supplemental education for reading comprehension, math, study skills, phonics and SAT Prep. This list may have been the original business plan, but when you are in the People-business, such plans are only the beginning. In the interest of Customer Service, backed by a sincere desire to meet any and all of its clients educational needs, Omega's list of services is limited only by its students specific needs.

Of course, there were plans set in place from the beginning. The owners of Omega vowed they would go not just one extra mile, but through the whole journey, of helping the parents of a child with learning difficulties to get the help he or she needs. They offered to attend the I.E.P. meetings with school officials, as a parent-advocate. There is no extra fee for this service, but instead is done in a sincere is desire to help. Grateful parents have lauded the difference this has made for them in navigating the complicated world of special education.

One of the most outstanding examples of adjusting the business plan to better serve customers is the induction of the Omega Homeschool Academy. Responding to several parents requests based on individual needs of their children, Omega owners designed and implemented a very unique mini private school type situation for just five students. The center hired three of their top tutors to take over instruction (in three different grades) in the areas of Math, Science, Social Studies and Language Arts. They also brought in a Spanish teacher and offered electives at night. The academy opened in the Fall of 2007 and its students are greatly benefiting by this extra service Omega agreed to provide.

Omega Learning Center carefully trains their employees to be unfailingly ethical and always put the best interest of their clients (the students and the parents both) first. While there is a clear curriculum inherent in their programs, the tutors are given flexibility to meet the unique and oft-changing needs of the students. On many occasions, the center has generated a completely new program just to meet the needs of one student. Such was the case with a 20-year old young woman who came to Omega because she needed help in passing her licensing test. Obviously, Omega's brochure does not include tutoring in the aesthetic arts. However, they sympathized with this young woman who had taken the exam twice already and failed. If she did not pass it on her third try, she would have to repeat the entire schooling session, at considerable expense. Omega matched her with a tutor who worked with this student one-on-one for several sessions and made the information stick this time. A few weeks later, the student came back in beaming and exclaiming, I passed! On another occasion, an adult man wanted to get his G.E.D., after having graduated from high school a year or so earlier with a Special Education diploma. Arrangements were made for his specialized tutoring and again the center rang with the triumphant, I passed!

Another special request also came from an adult student a woman in her 30's whose reading skills were not up to par for the current job-market. Because she was older, the woman was not comfortable coming to the center and receiving tutoring elbow-to-elbow with the under-18 set. Omega adjusted its operating hours for this one student and brought in a willing tutor to work with this woman in the mornings.

A very important part of Omega Learning Center's stated customer service policy is to communicate after each session with both the parent and the teacher via email. This service, while not strictly necessary, provides enormous benefit to the student. Many of the teachers actively communicate with the tutor and together they team up to help the student get where he or she needs to be academically. Conferences with the parents and tutor are scheduled at the half-way point in each students' program, also to make sure that everyone is happy with the direction of the program and to give the opportunity to make any adjustments. At the end of the student's program, a complimentary post-test is given to show the student's progress and accomplishments.

The parents are always welcome to communicate with the tutors through email, phone calls or conferences, outside of tutoring time. On occasion, a student has emailed his essay or research paper to his tutor at home on the weekend just to get an answer to a grammatical or structural question. The tutor took the time out of their own schedule to read and reply to the special request.

Complaints have been few for Omega Learning Center, but when one comes up it is dealt with cheerfully and professionally. When the goal is always the betterment of a child, profits are secondary and never worth necessitating a harsh or insensitive reply to a grievance. The stack of positive letters greatly dwarfs the small handful of complaints in the nearly three years Omega Learning Center has been open for business.

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