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Play N Trade Stores Enjoy a Fruitful First Quarter – 5/10/2010

San Clemente, CA, May 10, 2010 - - Play N Trade Franchise, Inc, the fastest growing video game franchise worldwide, is excited to announce that for the first quarter of 2010 store sales were up 1.4% compared to that of 2009, while industry sales as a whole were down 7.1%, according to NPD sales data.

In addition to overall increased sales, the average transaction size for Play N Trade stores also improved by 6.2% for the quarter.

"This is something we are very pleased to see, says Play N Trade CEO, Larry Plotnick. We are noticing excellent gains from our focus on improved customer service and service offerings, and in turn our business is achieving growth directly from that."

Play N Trade also reported that the top ten Play N Trade stores by comp-store sales were up an average of 102% compared to the same period last year. Chicago Area Developer Mike Abuzir, who oversees three top volume stores, attributes that success to the overall experience of his team combined with continuous corporate support from Play N Trade.

"Thanks to corporate we are provided with a beautiful store image, a POS system that works great and numerous marketing tools to ensure the success of our stores, says Abuzir. We have seen great results in our marketplace and there is definitely more business out there to be taken away from the competitors."

Play N Trade anticipates a continuation of these results in the coming months with a tremendous slate of titles set to release for the balance of the year.

About Play N Trade

Play N Trade is the largest and fastest-growing video game franchise worldwide. It is also one of the fastest-growing franchises across all industries. The company provides exceptional training, support and marketing systems to its store owners, who in turn provide an outstanding customer experience for their shoppers that is unmatched by any other gaming franchise. Play N Trade sets itself apart from competing video game retailers by allowing customers to try any video game prior to purchase, participate in local and national tournaments, have their consoles and games repaired as well as buy, sell and trade video games.

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Play N Trade Liquid Capital Required:
Minimum Net Worth:
Total Investment:
$216,600 - $329,000

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