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Sports Image Awards 14th Franchise in Virginia – 7/27/2011

Dayton, OH July 2011 Sports Image, a leader in the high school and youth sports marketing industry,has just awarded their 14th Sports Marketing Franchise to Mr. Glenn Harper of Midlothian, VA. This is thefirst franchise awarded in the state of Virginia. Mr. Harper joins thirteen other existing franchises in tendifferent states awarded by Sports Image in just its first two years of franchising.

Since 2002, Sports Image has helped schools and organizations obtain state-of-the-art equipment andmuch needed revenue for their athletic programs as budgets continue to dry up nationwide. The program haszero cost to the schools and organizations. Through its unique, grassroots sports marketing approach andby leveraging existing relationships, Sports Image has given over $700,000 in cash and over $8,500,000 inequipment to schools and organizations throughout the United States and in Canada.

On the subject of high school sports, Mr. Harper states: "Having coached high school girls basketball, servedas booster president and having two daughters who played high school sports I have seen how sports buildcharacter and sense of team like nothing else. When I started to see the struggles so many schools andorganizations were having getting the resources they needed to provide our young people the opportunity tosucceed -- I really wanted to be part of a solution."

"Glenn is going to be a great addition to our growing Sports Image network," said Mr. Eric Horstman,President of Sports Image. "His practical experience in business management partnered with his coachingexperience and school connections are the perfect fit for helping local schools and organizations throughoutcentral Virginia."

"I was starting to look for a new career to allow me to utilize my experience in sports and desire to help makea difference. When I saw what Sports Image was doing to help schools and organizations get the items thatthey needed for free it was a no brainer to want to join the team, stated Mr. Harper. "The more I havelearned about Sports Image and what they are all about, the more my excitement builds to get rolling astheir first franchise in Virginia!"

"Sports Image is the first national franchise to market through youth sports. Weve been helping schools,clubs, community Parks and Recs, churches, and other youth organizations offset Pay-to-Play for over 10years. In July 2009 we franchised our organization to put vested business owners on the groundfloor in localmarkets across the country," said Mr. Horstman. We are on pace to have over 20+ franchises operatingacross the country by the end of 2011.

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