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Teddys Bigger Burgers opening in former Honolulu Blockbuster – 4/17/2013

Teddy's Bigger Burgers' second franchise store was set to open Monday in a formerBlockbuster location, the Hawaii-based restaurant chain's third Honolulu store.

"Today is the big day," Teddy's Bigger Burgers co-owner Rich Stula told PBN. He saidthat franchise operator James Gazelle came to him and co-owner Ted Tsakiris withthe opportunity to open a restaurant in the former Blockbuster building at 1646Kapiolani Blvd.. Although the plan was to have only one franchise store on Oahu (it'sin Wahiawa), Stula and Tsakiris decided that it was a great opportunity for Gazelle toexpand the franchise.

"We gave in and said you could do just one more," Stula said.Plus, they were busy preparing to open the Kaneohe and Ewa corporate stores,which were still under development. Those stores are scheduled to open May 10 andMay 31, respectively.

The Kapiolani store is 3,000 square feet bigger than most Teddy's Bigger Burgerlocations and will have 84 seats inside and 20 outside. Following the typical model,there is a management team of six people and 40 employees.

The Teddy's Bigger Burgers expansion doesn't stop on Oahu. Stula said they areinterested in additional Neighbor Island franchises, and there are new franchisestores opening on the Mainland, as well.

The company has signed a franchise agreement with a Southern California operator,and the Seattle area franchise operator on Monday signed a franchise agreement forhis second store and has already found a couple of suitable locations, Stula said.

"It's a compliment that our franchisees are really devoted, happy with theiroperations and are looking to do more stores in the areas they're in," Stula said.

Stephanie Silverstein covers tourism, retail and money for Pacific BusinessNews.

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Teddy's Bigger Burgers Liquid Capital Required:

A Teddys Bigger Burgers Restaurant offers an opportunity for our franchisees to "Reinvent the Burger Joint". <br><br>Pre-Opening Support Services<br><ul><li>Guidelines for site location, restaurant design and construction</li><li>Access to Teddys Bigger Burgers Confidential Operations Manual</li><li>Assistance in developing relationships with key suppliers<br><li>Guidance in planning grand opening marketing activities for your restaurant</li><li>On-site training of your staff</li><li>Up to 8 weeks of intensive corporate site training program for you and key managers<br></ul>Ongoing Support Services<br><ul><li>Approximately 2 - 3 weeks grand opening assistance</li><li>Access to our management and operations staff</li><li>Field support provided at your location</li><li>On-going refresher training via web and in-person training modules</li><li>Continual updates to procedures and menu items</li><li>Marketing guidance and support</li></ul> More info