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Fresh Healthy Vending

Operate your own Fresh Healthy Vending Franchise and Join the Healthy Vending Revolution?

NOT just another Franchise

Across the country, the demand for fresh and healthy food continues to grow. To answer this call, Fresh Healthy Vending is now seeking motivated entrepreneurs who are ready to dive into a fresh opportunity.

Following a proven breakthrough system, Fresh Healthy Vending owners are the very first to gain access to this HUGE untapped market. A market that continues to grow, NO matter what the economic climate.

State and federal lawmakers, corporate wellness programs and school lunch programs continue giving their 100% support for healthier, fresher food via recently introduced laws and policies. Fresh Healthy Vending is the only company of its kind that fills this critical need, which remains ignored by other businesses.

Fresh Healthy Vending Why franchise with Fresh Healthy Vending? …..We're the experts.

We are innovative.

  • We were first to market with Healthy Vending.
  • We were the first company in the world to offer smoothies, yogurts, fresh fruit and veggies from our healthy vending machines.
  • We are now the only company in the world to offer our own blend of Fresh Organic Gourmet Coffee combined with Healthy snacks and drinks all in our very own, exclusive fresh healthy vending cafe. This machine is one of a kind; nobody else has anything like it.

We offer location flexibility unlike any other Franchise.

Fresh Healthy Vending has its very own proprietary location procurement process. Each Franchisee is provided their very own team of location category specialists. There is no service quite like our own. If you like you can even get involved!

Fresh Healthy Coffee

Fresh Healthy Van

We go beyond when it comes to support.

Fresh Healthy Vending Machine

We provide comprehensive training and support related to:

  • Initial and Ongoing Operations Training
  • Food and Coffee Ordering through your very own proprietary ecommerce website
  • Inventory Management and Support
  • Machine; Delivery, Installation, Operations, Warranty Services, On site Labor
  • Facebook Franchisee Forum Platforms
  • Ongoing Support on all levels to maximize growth opportunities

We practice what we teach and preach.

We operate over 50 corporate machines in San Diego and share our proprietary management tools and what we learn in the field on a daily basis. Our goal is to have over 200 corporate machines before 2012 ends.

We offer targeted Marketing and PR

We prepare specialized targeted media campaigns for each Franchisee

It's all about authenticity.

We stand behind what we do, day in and day out.

Fresh Healthy Vending Snacks

Contact us today and join our discovery process.

NOTE: To become a Fresh Healthy Vending Franchisee you will be required to be liquid for a minimum of $120,000.00

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