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Glow Tents

Glow Tents

This product is intended for sports/recreation purposes. This structure will be able to attract customers as now they have the facility of playing various forms of sports/games in an arena which is GLOWING. Glowing is a special way of presenting the colors and lights which catches the attention of people very easily. Glowing will create a lot of excitement within people as they will be interested in checking out new methods which are created in sporting business. It is definitely hard to believe that you can play a sport or a game in an arena which is glowing, but that is what the good thing about it is; people will come and play sports to believe you.

Merits of Glow Tents:

  1. It is easy and flexible to build. These structures do not require long term construction in compared to other franchises. All other franchise owners have to wait to get building constructed which can take months or even years in compared to Glow Tents which only takes one or two weeks.
  2. Does not involve a lot of capital in compared to other recreation/sporting businesses. The reality is that this type of business does not involve buying of equipments regularly in compared to other franchises. This business does not have the need of long term spending.
  3. No electricity bills. There are really no electricity bills or even any proper form of bills which will be involved with this business.
  4. The structure can be easily removed overnight in emergencies. Now, the good thing is that whenever there is any form of predicted of snowfall or any dangerous precipitation, this structure can be taken off.
  5. It is a highly innovative concept. When do you get to ever hear new concepts in sporting business? It is high time that we try new things in compared to normal recreation centers. Won't it be cool to play sports in different and exciting atmosphere?
  6. Does not require too much work or skill to be regulated. Glow Tents is not difficult to regulate, it is very easy to run. There is no real studying to be done for making this innovative business work.
  7. You will have a chance to create your rules and regulations for the business to a limit in compared to a normal franchise. It is lovely to see that you don't have anyone to decide what you should and what you should not do.
  8. You can choose a location of your own.
  9. Can be used by group of people at one time.
  10. Parties and tournaments can also be arranged.

Types of Customers:

  • Teenagers
  • Young adults
  • Athletes
  • Sporting Teams
  • Even Foreigners

It is new and exciting. Who would have ever thought that he/she could play in a glowing arena? Playing sports is definitely exciting and thrilling, if furthermore you can bring more innovative in this way you can play sports in, it gets more thrilling. Sports is America's one of the favorite pastime and in many other countries. No franchise or business can succeed if you don't give it a shot. If I can make you believe that it is cool with you having the money for it, then why not people how are blessed with same thinking would also think it is cool.


  • Will keep customers in good shape.
  • Satisfied customers can recommend future customers.
  • Very easy to build and does not involve too much hectic.
  • It is a monopoly in the business.
  • More group and individual participation will be encouraged.

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