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Greenz Salads

We're turning traditional salad on its head

Greenz is a fine fast-casual restaurant where we focus on creating unique, innovative salads using the freshest ingredients combined in the most distinctive ways to please everyone from the devout vegetarian to the diehard meat-eater.

We believe salads should be as enticing to the eyes as they are to the taste buds, that's why our unique presentations will make your mouth water!

The Greenz experience is designed to be as eclectic and refreshing as our food. You can enjoy your salad with a glass of wine on our patio, or with a seasonal soup at home, or with friends, family or co-workers at a catered event. However you celebrate, we promise that Greenz will be the most fun you'll have eating salad. And for those who want more variety, we also serve sandwiches, soups, wraps and smoothies.

Our forward-thinking concept has redefined salad

It began when Greenz' founder, Casie Caldwell, fell in love with a fine dining salad that was too expensive to eat on a regular basis. She wondered why her only real option for salad was a mediocre salad bar. So she sat down, did some research, and drew up a solid business plan to introduce fine dining salads into a fast casual atmosphere so everyone could enjoy them. Then she quit her corporate job and set out on the Greenz journey. Now she's bringing the excitement to you.

Greenz has always stood for adventure. We've built our brand on transforming the mundane into the extraordinary through our unique taste combinations, artful presentations and open, uplifting atmosphere. Once we succeeded with salads, we decided to transform wraps and soups. Sandwiches and smoothies soon followed.

Wherever our adventure goes, it always begins with taste. We lay awake at night creating new flavor combinations that will intrigue and thrill our customers. Just a sample of our ingredients says it all: chipotle, wasabi, daikon, ahi tuna, parmesan crisps. We meld our tastes with our customers' preferences to create salads, soups, sandwiches and smoothies that sell.


We've turned traditional salad on its head with creative taste combinations that keep customers coming back again and again.

For over eight years, we've combined the freshest ingredients in new, innovative ways to create salads, soups, sandwiches and smoothies that please everyone from devout vegetarians to diehard carnivores.

We're looking for people to take our concept to the next level. As a Greenz franchisee, you will run your own restaurant based on our inventive recipes for entrees such as the Chipotle Chicken salad, the BBQ Texas Slaw wrap and the Veggie Delight sandwich. We'll support you through every step of the process. All you need is your hard work and drive to learn.

Our commitment to you

Owning and operating your own Greenz Restaurant includes use of the brand name, trademarks, recipes, operational systems and methods, and decor. You'll also receive support with:
  • Facility planning, including site location and architectural design
  • Corporate training for Owner/Operator and Director of Operations/General Managers
  • Kitchen/Back of the House workflow design
  • Favorable national contracts with suppliers of goods and services
  • Operating manuals, policies, procedures and business management systems

Our award-winning menu is testament to the pride we take in creating the highest quality food possible. That same pride extends to our ongoing training and support, and regular updates designed to increase profitability. At Greenz, we go on the adventure with you! To get started, get in touch.

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We're a progressive company set on forging new paths to success. We're looking for innovators and go-getters, people with the drive to learn and the will to succeed. For the right person, running your own Greenz restaurant will fulfill your desire to create a new, innovative and successful business in your area.
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