H7 Network

Min. Liquid Capital: $12,000

Total Investment: $5,000 - $10,000

Initial Franchise Fee: $5,000

Financing Available: Yes

Training Provided: Yes

No of Existing Units: 9

Company-Owned Units: 3

Average Sales Last Year: $46,800

About H7 Network

H7 Network is a national business networking organization. We pride ourselves on being different, it's exclusively about supporting our members in the building of relationships and creating a flow of new opportunities directly to our members. We believe no businessperson should have to “do business” alone. That’s why we have built such an authentic community of business professionals that want to work with others to grow their business. Everyone who is out there networking is doing so for 2 reasons: Relationships that can help them build their business and a constant flow of New Opportunities without all the rules and requirements.

H7 Network's exclusive, proprietary meeting formats and processes for the development of groups is far and above better than the rest. We concentrate our training and development of H7 Network in a way that compliments our Directors. H7 Network has the philosophy of giving our members the meeting formats and processes that create the desire to help each other, not to require it.

Why H7 Network?

H7 Network's unique training program focuses on the Director and their success in their own business from the beginning. We desire to focus on supporting our Directors through a transition from only doing what they were doing before to combining H7 Network into a new way to market themselves locally. Our training and development program will help you not lose focus on building your current business but enhance your growth by utilizing H7 Network as a foundation for growing both your own business and the businesses in your network.

We have been in business for almost 12 years and our main function is supporting all involved from Directors to the very last member that we may never meet in person. We will focus all of our energy in supporting you to growing at a pace of 10 new members per month in your market after 90 days from the day you start directing.

Our competitive advantage in the marketplace:

  • H7 Network doesn't have all the rules and requirements that many other networking groups use to create the same results or better.
  • Licensing our proprietary information is easy to train on, easy to use, and you can use it to grow your own business.
  • Once you are a licensee, you can be up and running your new business within 5-10 hours of training.
  • Our training is customized to your needs when growing your own business and tailored to your time when growing H7 Network in your own area.

Ideal Candidate

  • Our ideal candidate has their own business already (business coach, health coach, financial adviser, insurance agent, marketing etc are examples)
  • They take a consultative approach in appointments
  • They would consider themselves a relationship-first salesperson
  • They have an entrepreneurial background
  • They consider themselves a "connector" to others
  • They consider themselves a "servant" leader

Training And Support

  • Training and support begins with sharing the vision, mission, and processes that help us create H7 Network.
  • We will provide customized training in one hour blocks around the new Licensee's schedule on a weekly basis.
  • We will provide you with an online manual as well as a paper manual in a binder for ease of use. Our manual will enable you to move at an efficient pace, with little preparation.
  • We will tailor our training throughout the process to ensure that combining H7 Network with your current business or practice, will only enhance your success when being a Director in H7 network.
  • We have monthly webinars with all Directors to ensure that you have a space with support from not only H7 Network Corporate but also other Directors.


Being in business for a number of years you think you know just about everything, Clayton took my baseline of knowledge and challenged me to look at it in a better way; connect, serve and ask. This will make future conversations more meaningful, making connections better and trusting, serving others and asking. Looking forward to using to lead and teach others. ~ Michele M

I have been Involved in networking with every group you can think of. H7 gets it. They have the culture, attitude, and process in place to make you better. ~ Adam F

I love the H7 system of networking. I'm applying what I've learned already, to make my networking more productive. The tagline Connect. Serve. Ask. isn't just a catchy slogan, it's a method to take your networking to an entirely new level while at the same time helping others succeed in their businesses. I love the technique of going through all the business cards you've collected and selecting those you've met with once and connected best with, then scheduling a time with them to pitch each other without a hard sell. Connecting in that way helps you both to see the potential in the relationship and how you can help each other succeed. If you are able to connect with H7, I recommend you do so soon, and start realizing more gains with your networking while getting the satisfaction of helping others with theirs. ~ Libby V

Are you an introvert who has no idea how to network? Are you an extrovert who loves to meet fun, passionate professionals? Not sure about the cost or attendance requirements of other networking groups?H7 is the network for you. H7 has been instrumental in the growth of my business and my professional network. Serving is a core tenant passed down from the founder Clayton through every chapter of H7. Wonderful people, and an ever growing group of professionals. I strongly encourage anyone wanting to make connections to join H7. ~ Sara B

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