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HF Strategies – Hospital Financial Consulting

HF Strategies requires that franchisees have prior experience in any of the following fields, consulting, financial services or healthcare.

HF Strategies FranchiseAbout HFS

Hospital Financial Strategies is a cost reduction consulting business focused on the rapidly changing healthcare market.  We work with our clients to reduce costs, utilizing a time tested methodology and proprietary technology.  Saving our clients from 10-40% on over 250 different operating expenses categories.

Our cost reduction process has been refined through over 400 successful client engagements. Engagements are executed by talented professionals that have saved our clients tens of millions of dollars.  We are thorough, but unlike other consultants and auditors we require minimal investment of time from your team.  We deliver cost reduction solutions that deliver savings immediately and unlike others we don't just recommend, we implement our recommendations.

Hospital Financial Strategies FranchiseWhat Operating Expense Do we Address?

  All of those Operating Service used by businesses where they incur a "recurring Operating Expense" (either weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually), in every department across the entire organization, excluding employee salaries, corporate taxes, banking services, one-time and capital expenditures, as well as "industry specific" cost of goods sold (COGS).

List of Covered Services

  • HR Department Services (Payroll Tax Costs, Employee Benefits Services, Payroll Services, Skip Tracing, Background Check, many other HR Services, etc.)
  • Telecom / Datacom Services - Voice (local & long distance), Data Networks, Internet Access, Conferencing, Wireless/Cellular, IP Telephony (or VoIP), Video, Call Center services, Equipment Leases, Maintenance Agreements, Virtual Office Employee services, etc.)
  • Digital Office Equipment / Services 
    (Document Management, Copier, Printer, Scanner, Faxing, Equipment Leases, Maintenance Contracts, etc.,)
  • Transportation / Logistic 
    (Freight, Shipping);
  • Information Services 
    (Credit Screening Services, Financial Information Supplier, etc.)
  • Cost of Goods Sold 
    (COGS) - Indirectly
  • Equipment Maintenance / Lease Expenses (Telecom, IT, Copiers, Medical / Clinical Equipment, Fleet Vehicles, Utility Equipment, Power Generators, and other Facilities related Equipment, etc., etc.)
  • Food Services Expenses (Student or Patient Meal Service Expenses)
  • Utility Vehicle Services (Leases, Insurance, M&R, etc.)
  • Fleet Vehicle Services (Vehicle Leases, Insurance, M&R, GPS, Mobile PCs w/AirCard, Fleet Vehicle Fuel Services, etc.)
  • Energy / Utilities (Electric, Natural Gas, Propane, Waste Disposal Services,etc.)
  • Marketing Services (Yellow Page / Directory Services Expenses, Email Marketing Service, Facebook / Twitter Marketing Expenses, Printing Expenses, etc., etc.)

Business Continuity and Disaster Preparedness Services;Hospital Financial Strategies Franchise

  • Pretty much EVERY type of Operating Service used by businesses where there is an incurred "Operating Expense" (monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually.)
  • IT Services - Managed Network services, Data Center, Network Security services, Back-up or Data Storage services; Web Hosting or other Hosted IT applications; File, Email, Database Server or any other Server Equipment Leases, Maintenance Agreements and Outsourced IT Services.
  • Buildings / Physical Facilities Services (Heating / Cooling, Boiler Systems, Maintenance, Access Security, General Building Security (Burglar Alarm, Electronic Surveillance), Fire Alarm, Fire Suppression, Elevators, Escalators, Lawn Care, Pest Control, Janitorial Supplies, Cleaning Services, Snow Removal, etc.)
  • Shipping, Postage, Overnight / Courier Services;
  • Insurance (Property, Casualty, Liability, Workers Compensation, Health / Medical, etc., etc.)
  • Merchant Services (Payment Processing; Equipment, Website Shopping Carts, etc.)
  • Office / Administrative Supplies (General Office Supplies, Bottled Water, Coffee, Cafeteria Supplies, Storage Service (Documentation, Office Furniture, etc.)

Clients:  Quality and value, are at that core of our mission!  You would expect us to say that but how about consistent reviews from over 400 cost reduction engagements!

Why Healthcare

The healthcare market is going through a period of extreme change driven by these three challenges:

Challenge #1: Reduced reimbursement rates require every budget cycle to look for new ways to reduce costs!

Challenge #2:  Changing regulations are frustrating management teams and putting stress on the operations team.

Challenge #3:  Aging Baby Boomers
10,000 Adult Americans turn 65 every day from now until 2030.  Which is causing the healthcare market unprecedented growth for the next 50 years.

In Summary: Fast growing business, which is forced to reduce costs while the industry and government changes the rules around them.

ICON buys more than $1 Billion dollars each year of Advertising Media!  Let HFS show you how to leverage your media spend and generate millions of dollars in bottom-line value!

The leadership at Hospital Financial Strategies has been working with ICON for over 20 years.  We have partnered with ICON to bring you their unique solutions which they have been delivering to the healthcare market. 

There are over ten thousand companies selling Merchant Credit Card processing.  HFS isn't one of them!  HFS does not sell these services. We connect you with SecureNet - one of only ten credit card processors in the United States, eliminating middlemen, complexity and markups. 

Medical Consulting FranchiseHFS scoured through hundreds of suppliers until we found one that consistently beat the competition.  How is that possible? Because they deliver simple pricing structures including Lowest Cost Routing that insures you get the lowest Interchange rate available for every single transaction. SecureNet's mobile shopping cart technology can take your existing POS and Online systems mobile with very little effort or cost.

Your staff works hard every day striving to secure the lowest costs available in the market place.  Pearl Logic brings a fresh set of eyes from a consulting team that has worked with some of the largest companies from around the world.  Pearl Logics technology and methodology successfully scour your data and your contracts to sniff out savings.

HFS and Pearl Logic have partnered together to deliver savings from 10-20% and sometimes even more upon your operation.  

Paul Nussbaum - Managing Partner

As an attorney with deep experience in real estate, Nussbaum founded Patriot American group in 1991. He grew the hotel division, Patriot American Hospitality, Inc., from one hotel to 4th largest U.S. hospitality company, Wyndham Hotels.  With more than 400 hotels and resorts, 50,000 employees and $7.5 billion in revenue. Patriot American  shares were paired and traded on the NYSE as a single unit with Wyndham shares.  Since selling Wyndham, Nussbaum continues to be active in hotels, with Waramaug Hospitality Services, LLC, Argenta Capital LLC, Brookview Partners, in addition to Life Insurance  investments and  Hospital Financial Strategies, LLC.

Irwin Berman - Managing Partner

Since 1999 Berman has served as CEO of Admiral Financial Group, Inc. with interests in Hotels, Hospital Financial Strategies, LLC, Blue Cougar Hospitality, Dearborn Capital Partners and Waramaug Hospitality Services, LLC.  Berman has extensive experience in advertising media, manufacturing and with financial services and solutions for a broad range of industries.  

During the period of 1964-1969, he served as President and Chairman of Franchises International("FI)". FI was a wholly owned subsidiary of Citi Investing Corp (NYSE) with 135 offices worldwide, and was considered the foremost franchise sales and consulting organization in America.  Franchises International owned and managed many franchises that became household names, namely; Subaru of America, Diners-Fugazy Travel, Fugazy Limousine, Arby's Roast Beef, Econo-Hotels, Wyndham Hotels and Bonanza Steak Houses

Mark Redshaw - President

Redshaw has over 30 years experience managing consultants to deliver cost effective solutions to clients.  Managing teams and growing sales has been his specialty with a consistent track record of double digit organic growth.   Redshaw understands the needs of executives and strives to develop partners and solutions that satisfy those needs.

Supply Chain Management and the Healthcare market have been part of Redshaw's DNA for his entire career. Within the last four years, Redshaw has personally discussed the needs of the healthcare market with hundreds of executives.  The message was consistent,  hospitals - medical practices and the rest of the healthcare industry are getting squeezed by massive regulations and the reduced reimbursements driven by Medicare, Medicaid and the insurance industry.  

Redshaw's expertise includes sales strategy, sales training, digital marketing, print document management, human resources, warehousing and distribution.

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