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Home Cleaning Centers of America

Min. Liquid Capital: $40,000

Total Investment: $40,000 - $40,000

Training Provided: Yes

About Home Cleaning Centers of America

Our company is based on quality not price. We clean kitchen and bathroom floors on our hands / knees (we use knee pads). We've been successful for over (30) years because we clean better than anyone! We zero in on hiring the best crew members and make sure they have the same vision and dedication to leaving the house amazing!!

The number one skill our franchise owners need is the ability to manage employees and follow a system. We have our own proprietary software program that handles all aspects of our business: scheduling / crew logistics to include mapping / payroll and customer information. Just having enough money to do this is not enough. We're very picky to make sure everyone will be successful...

Why Home Cleaning Centers of America?

If you're looking for a large corporate structure, HCCA is the wrong choice. We are a tightly knit family business (by design) where everyone knows and helps each other. We're looking for entrepreneurs not managers. All corporate decisions are made by our "Policy Committee" which is comprised of franchise owners. Our average gross sales are over $500,000 per office with our largest offices grossing just under $2,000,000. Our "Customer Satisfaction" survey consistently comes in with (95% +) overall approval every year!! We have crew member training visuals in English and Spanish so all crew members are on the same page and consistent. All cleaning companies are not the same...

Ideal Candidate

We're looking for owners who can manage people, follow a system and give us great ideas down the road. It's also important that we all like each other. That's why each potential candidate is interviewed (in your home town). We don't fly you into our corporate headquarters, wine and dine you so we can sell you a franchise. This is not about you buying or us selling, it's about "Are we right for each other and can we make this work"? You will not be talking to a commissioned salesman but our corporate executives - we take this vary seriously!

Training And Support

We train in Denver at one of our largest offices for one week. New franchise owners use our software, go on bids, check houses, experience training new crew members, confirm customers etc.. We feel training in an actual office that cleans 40-50 homes each day with 10+ crews is the only way to truly learn how to do this. We also have a 150 page Operations manual and manuals on OSHA / Worker's Compensation requirements. The real help comes from a District manager (they are all owners) who will support the new franchisee from day one...

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