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Ice B'Gone Magic

Dealership opportunities available in Illinois,
Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Ice B’Gone Magic is seeking Dealers in the states of Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. Our business model is simple, easy to understand, and has a very affordable start-up cost. Our patented product, which de-ices roads, parking lots, and driveways in temperatures as cold -35F°, provides a unique opportunity to our Dealers to differentiate in your market.

With more than 60 Dealers operating throughout the United States, our territories are limited and going quickly. Submit a contact request to talk about available territories and gather more information about joining our Dealer network.


  • Home-based Operation
  • Add additional revenue to your existing service business
  • Established Brand with over 60 Dealers Across America
  • Exclusive territory
  • High Profit Margin
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Low initial investment with a minimum cash required of $40,000

About this Dealership Program

Becoming a Dealer in our system is easy. Whether you are a snow and ice expert, existing contractor, or someone just getting into the business we can provide you with the product and solutions to develop your own territory.

This is the perfect add-on for an existing contractor, landscaper, snow & ice removal company, paving contractor, or any other company which is in the trades and is looking to add revenue during the winter months. 

You can run this from a home office and run a sales territory or run this from your current business operation. Talk to us and our existing Dealers to find out why this opportunity is growing and why it makes so much sense.

About Ice B'Gone Magic 

IBG Magic Liquid is a highly effective liquid de-icing agent made from a patented blend of magnesium chloride combined with an agricultural by-product of the distilling process (i.e. grain and/or sugar based) and is protected under U.S. patent #4,676,918. No other liquid ice melter can make this claim.

IBG Magic Solid is regular rock salt that has been treated with the liquid IBG Magic Liquid.

IBG Magic Solid is safe to use on concrete, is non-corrosive, does not harm curbside grassed areas or plants, and continues to melt ice to below -35F°.The benefits and results of treating your salt stockpiles or your sand/salt stockpiles with IBG Magic Liquid are amazing.

The picture below is described in the following:

Location: Residential Street, Boston, MA suburbs
Date: February 18, 2003
Conditions:  ½ inch of snow has fallen with another 2 inches forecasted. IBG Magic Liquid has been applied which keeps the snow from bonding to the pavement.
Remarks: The IBG Magic Liquid is starting to “travel” which is evident at the top right of area sprayed. The IBG Magic Liquid is starting to travel to the right beyond the sprayed area. This travel is why the volume needed to cover area is minimal in both cost and material. The contractor uses only a few gallons as opposed to a few tons of salt. 1 gallon of IBG Magic will cover 1000 to 2000 sq. ft. depending on weather.

Summary of Picture Below: Bulk IBG Magic Granular is a cost effective material for every snow removal contractor. It is less corrosive, safe for concrete and brick, and IBG Magic Granular is environmentally friendly.

Available for Distribution

IBG Magic Liquid is available for purchase in several different ways.

Pre-Treating of Stockpiles: Our spray tank unit comes to you. You provide loader and operator.

Bulk: IBG Magic Liquid is most economically shipped in semi-trailer tankers (4500 gallons), although smaller quantities are also available. We deliver to your tank.

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