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InstaHealthy- Healthy Vending and Healthy Micro Markets

People want healthier choices, give the people what they want with an InstaHealthy business!

Who is InstaHealthy?

InstaHealthy is a people-first and purpose-driven company answering the call of todays fast-paced, knowlege-driven and technology-based consumers. The vending world has stood still for far too long and consumers are starving for change. InstaHealthy is that change backed by innovative and radical approaches with our technology, our products and our overall Business Opportunity system. Come partner with us and let's change how todays conscious-consumers access healthy food and beverages.

The InstaHealthy Opportunity - Solving a problem with a powerful business model.

We offer 2 opportunities solving problems which exist in every market, small to large, throughout America: Obesity. Limited access to healthy food and drink. And healthier alternatives to junk-food, fast food, sugary drinks and high fat content options.

Healthy Vending Machines - State-of-the-art healthy vending machines with internet access for efficient/flexible business management, credit/debit payments, smartphone payment capabilites via ApplePay and much more!

Healthy Micro Markets - Self-checkout markets perfectly ideal for todays corporate world offering a variety of options from snacks, beverages to wraps and salads. We offer the only cloud-based kiosk in the industry with a full line of additional applications to enhance your business as you see fit.

Unparalled Location Services

Your business success hinges on InstaHealthys ability to secure the best locations possible. Our process is proprietary so reach out today to learn the details behind our unmatched sucess.

Would you make a great InstaPartner?

That's right, we have created a strong team environment seeking partnerships, not 'route drivers' or 'managers' of locations. Don't buy a job, invest in a brand. We create strong, sustainable and growth-empowering businesses, with a powerful branding platform, by partnering with dynamic social-entrepreneurial-minded investors.

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