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International Franchise Solutions

International Franchise Solutions (IFS) – The Ultimate Business to Business and Executive's Opportunity for True Success. It is a true international business to business opportunity that will be open to almost anyone that is desirous and capable of being in their own business with several income streams to help the Franchisee succeed in a bigger way than ever possible. The Franchisee will have behind them powerful and successful companies to provide new and innovative support, training and a proven success pattern to follow.

International Franchise Solutions (IFS) provides its Franchisees the ability to create immediate income, residual income and build equity while helping businesses expand their businesses through franchising, licensing, distributorships and other successful growth programs. Franchisees become prestigious franchise and business expansion consultants and help businesses in their area duplicate their businesses throughout the world and save money by using proven tools, systems and programs provided to them by International

Franchise Solutions (IFS). Franchising today accounts for over $2.3 trillion in annual sales through over 4,000 franchise companies. Other distributorships and dealerships account for additional huge volumes of business every year. In the United States alone, 41 cents of every retail dollar is spent at a franchise operation and yet only 8% of those retail businesses are franchised. Franchising will help the business capture more market share through the use of proven systems, unparalleled business support and a brand name thereby increasing the profits and chances of success for all those involved. Franchises enjoy a success rate more than three times that of an independent business. Independent businesses most often can't deliver the training, support group purchasing power, advertising clout and brand strength that a franchise system can.

Company Overview:

International Franchise Solutions gives entrepreneurs the ability to assist in the growth of small businesses into successful franchises. Take a moment to view this short company overview to learn more about this exciting opportunity. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Every year 300 to 600 new franchise companies are established and attempt to go nationwide to build their mini-empire by selling their opportunity to investors who see the vision of the franchisor. Countless distributorships and dealerships are created and desire to go nationwide as well. Many of these new franchise companies and distributorships don't make it. Many consulting firms can produce the necessary documents and marketing materials to create a new franchise entity but then it stops there. The franchisor cannot get the hang of selling the franchises and cannot move the company forward.

International Franchise Solutions (IFS) with their extremely successful track record of creating, developing and selling new franchise companies and distributorships will take the new franchisor to the next level. Because International Franchise Solutions (IFS) will not only create the franchise in the right way, so it can be sold, we will also partner up with the new business and help it to be sold with the highly successful systems already established.

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