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Jabz Boxing

What is Jabz

Jabz Boxing is a 45 minute boxing circuit designed specifically for women that combines punching, kicking, cardio, strength training, plyometrics, and numerous other training exercises. In addition to the amazing workouts, Jabz has developed a fitness sorority of women that not only workout together, but participate in community events to help spread the Jabz movement to others.

The Jabz Studio

Walking up to a Jabz studio for the first time may be intimidating to some, but once through the doors, women immediately feel the positive vibe and see the attractive design at Jabz. The focal points of every Jabz studio is our custom built boxing ring and body opponent bags (BOB). The high ceilings, soft lighting, and white brick walls make the atmosphere at Jabz very welcoming and enjoyable.

The Jabz Workouts

Not only does every Jabz studio look amazing, the workouts are designed to get results. This is no foo foo workout, so be ready to punch and sweat at every class. The Jabz workout circuits are designed for women of any fitness level, so starting out at your own pace is necessary. Because our workouts change daily, members are constantly being challenged so their bodies do not plateau. Whether your 16 or 70, you will get the results you want.

Jabz Trainers

All of our trainers have graduated from Jabz University, which ensures each member receives the best training from Certified Jabz Trainers. Not only do our trainers encourage members to go that extra yard, but they are constantly watching, correcting, and motivating during each class.

Jabz Apparel

Jabz swag has been a fun and attractive part of every studio. "Girls Punch Hard", "Boxing is my Therapy", and "Kiss my Abz" are just a few of our tank tops that are seen everywhere throughout communities where Jabz are located. Pink and black Jabz MMA gloves are both eye appealing and comfortable to make our workouts safe.

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