JEI Learning

Min. Liquid Capital: $75,000

Total Investment: $69,500 - $115,000

Net Worth Required: $150,000

Initial Franchise Fee: $22,500

Training Provided: Yes

No of Existing Units: 100

About JEI Learning

Established in 1977, JEI Learning Center is the leading supplemental education brand focused around innovation, inclusiveness, confidence, and long-term success. With programs in math, literature arts, and critical thinking, it has helped guide millions of students around the world toward their fullest potential. Join JEI and become a part of something impactful in your community.

Why JEI Learning?


The JEI business model is designed for franchisee's success. As such, JEI has the lowest royalty rates in the industry. JEI's royalty system rewards franchisees for early growth by enhancing profitability potential through quick-scaling discounts, while also recognizing franchisees for their volume growth through considerate low-cost royalties.


JEI offers clearly-defined regions and opportunities for growth across the US and Canada without the worries of encroachment or strict expansion guidelines. JEI allows its Franchisees the ability to own and operate multiple locations. Choose from hundreds of potential locations to start your JEI Learning Center in your community.


JEI offers multiple subjects in Math and English to offer parents and children a variety of options which leads to increased enrollment rates for centers.

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate would have a passion for working with children and providing a service to improve education in their community. They would possess the leadership skills and outgoing personality necessary to effectively manage staff, facilitate students, and communicate with parents. They would feel comfortable marketing, networking, and reaching out to individuals of their community as the primary spokesperson for their JEI Learning Center. They would be able to dedicate at least 20 hours per week to the development and operation of their Center and have at least $75,000 in liquid assets and a minimum net worth of $150,000.

Training And Support

All qualifying JEI Franchisees partake in a comprehensive training program conducted at one of our two corporate offices. This training will provide the tools and methods needed to own, operate, and manage a JEI Learning Center effectively. Also, each year an annual conference serves to aide JEI Franchisees' personal, professional, and cultural growth.


The personalized approach of the Self-Learning Method® helps children become independent learners. All students start at a point where they feel comfortable and not intimidated which keeps them interested in the programs offered.

Ruma V. | Bridgewater & Hillsborough, NJ.

I loved that the initial investment was reasonable. Considering what I invested, I was able to breakeven in just six months. There's no limit to learning and education will always be around. Schools are not going out of business and parents will always want to give their kids a good, solid education. It's one of the most stable businesses out there.

Jennifer A. | Irvine, CA.

The whole basket of support from JEI is quite extensive, powerful, and personal. I have never been directed to a website for an answer. The support is just more caring than that.

David G. | Williamsburg, NY.

Having previously been a student and teacher at JEI Learning Center, it was JEI's rich history that helped me strengthen my vision of what I wanted to portray to students and parents in my Center.

Amy K. | Merrick, NY.

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