Jersey Boardwalk Pizza Co Franchise

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Jersey Boardwalk Pizza Co


The decision to open your own Jersey Boardwalk Pizza Company Franchise is easier than you may think. We help make the process uncomplicated because we know what it takes to run a pizza business

Founded in 2005, Jersey Boardwalk Pizza Company has a proud tradition of dishes enjoyed by all patrons.

At Jersey Boardwalk Pizza we pride ourselves in being the very best. Our food is authentic Italian food from Jersey. All of our recipes are original, and have been handed down for generations. We use all of the freshest ingredients including locally grown vegetables and herbs.

Not only do we have world class recipes to share with you, we also offer invaluable experience, a remarkable operating system, first rate marketing, an established brand, comprehensive training, a family atmosphere, and most importantly the help you need to develop your franchise.

Jersey Boardwalk Pizza has a strong family culture with superb customer service. All of our employees are trained to hold our high standard of service and quality. Being a family owned and operated restaurant, here at Jersey Boardwalk Pizza we want your family to feel like a part of ours, this shows in the great service that we provide not only to our customers, but also to our franchisees.

We offer the highest quality food, excellent service, and are committed to bringing the New Jersey boardwalk experience to each and every one of our customers.



We have authentic Italian food from Italy Jersey! It's simply the best. We promise that our pizza is real authentic Jersey pizza. We at Jersey Boardwalk Pizza Company can tell you that our food is so fresh, so delicious, and of course so authentic that people travel from all over just to come have a taste! That's straight up no bull!


Menu, Limited inventory and equipment, easy authentic recipes and Great customer service, along with a very dedicated franchise marketing and management team. Everything about Jersey Boardwalk Pizza Company is about simplicity and keeping true to who we are and making great food.

Makes It Happen

Passion, Dedication, and Work Ethic. It's that simple. We grew up in a hard working Italian family that was dedicated to work, family and of course food. Well, just like our recipes we inherited the passion for our food and dedicated ourselves to our customers, business and entire staff (family). We started our business far away from our family, so we had to rely on the only thing we knew and that is: hard work ethic, passion for food, and dedication to treating our customer's and staff as family. We will always have the "drive" to succeed it's in our blood. You can't change DNA.

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