Kitchen Wise

Min. Liquid Capital: $50,000

Total Investment: $89,955 - $135,000

Net Worth Required: $200,000

Initial Franchise Fee: $60,000

Financing Available: Yes

Training Provided: Yes

No of Existing Units: 2

Company-Owned Units: 148

About Kitchen Wise

Experience freedom as a Kitchen Wise Franchisee

A Life-Changing Experience- As part of the Kitchen Wise team, you'll be choosing financial freedom, quality of life and the opportunity to start building towards your retirement goals. Kitchen Wise is backed by a leading, established North American franchisor with years of experience, business leadership, and success to guide your own business' growth. Partnering with a Premium Service Brands company is the smart move.

Work Where You Want, When You Want- Build your business from the comfort of your own home, while taking control of your own schedule. Keep weekends, evenings and holidays to yourself! Cultivate the relationships most important to you while finding a healthy work-life balance.

Why Kitchen Wise?

Kitchen Wise is a Business that Stands Out!

Here's Why:

  • No overhead until revenue is produced
  • An average of 50% or more gross returns per single unit
  • Subcontractors do the manual labor
  • Backed by a leading franchisor
  • Personalized business coaching
  • Call Center to handle scheduling and communications with customer

Benefit from Being Part of the Kitchen Wise Family!

A Thriving Industry- Worth approximately $450 billion, the home service industry only continues to grow. The fractured market is currently dominated by small, local businesses that lack the clout to make a significant impact on the industry. The opportunity is ripe for a business with professional services, excellent customer support, and established sales and marketing approach to corner the market. Kitchen Wise provides exactly that.

All the Tools You Need

  • A leading business in the franchise industry, Kitchen Wise offers a proven, scalable model that gives partners the tools they need for long-lasting success.
  • Standardize your customer relations management and business planning with our best-in-class proprietary software.
  • Launch a successful business, with the help of our training & support team.
  • Take advantage of our established systems & business partnerships to hire workers and source leads.

Ideal Candidate

The most successful Kitchen Wise franchise owners have these three qualities: business acumen, relationship building strengths, and self-motivation.

You do not need industry-specific experience to thrive as a Kitchen Wise franchise partner. Because of the proven success of the brand-specific on-boarding and training program, partners are fully equipped to hire, manage, and run their business from day one!

Training And Support

Premium Service Brands offers a highly detailed 4 week training process. 3 weeks of the training is done virtually with our on-boarding and training team, followed up by a live training week at the corporate office in Charlottesville, Va.

Once training is complete franchisees will be assigned a franchise business coach, who has calls with the franchisees weekly, and a brand ambassador to help with operations and marketing initiatives.

In addition to personnel support, we have a platform where franchisees can track all their estimates, lead sourcing, understand their average job size, keep schedules. It’s a fully integrated end-to-end platform, where they have access to metrics and their P&L in real time.

Premium Service Brands is also committed to hosting an annual conference for the system, where all franchisees can gather with corporate and vendors and partake in training sessions and breakout events. Along with the annual conference, Premium Service Brands executes site visits, where the franchise business coach visits the franchisee to spend a couple of days fully immersed in the franchisee's business.


It’s been satisfying to do something that is simpler than what we did in corporate life but more directly connected to people.

“I’ve really enjoyed working with my husband for the first time after over twenty years working separately in a high travel corporate executive role. Our strengths complement one another’s well. We also like to see people get their start as we help them open their own cleaning business. We feel like we are really changing lives for the better. It’s been satisfying to do something that is simpler than what we did in corporate life but more directly connected to people.”Angela Clayton

We were happy and honored to engage in the growing brand.

“Premium Service Brands has been a great partner and franchise to work with since we first came on board in October 2015. We were happy and honored to engage in the growing brand. Paul Flick and his team have been amazing; they treat us as family when we have faced obstacles, including financial concerns around a death in the family. Before even remedying this problem, the corporate team asked us if we were okay, and were patient as we got things back on track. The training program has come a long way to help the franchise partners be more successful right out of the gate, and we are surrounded by a community of really good franchisees who stay connected by asking questions, providing feedback, and sharing ideas. We are glad to be a part of Premium Service Brands!” Steve H. & Felicia A.

Premium Service Brands has been a true partner to us in our business venture.

"Premium Service Brands has been a true partner to us in our business venture. Like a true partner, they have done everything they said they would do and then some. PSB has provided both the initial and ongoing training to keep us on the cutting edge in the field; their continuous software and website upgrades buoy that support. Finally, the Call Center is invaluable in running our daily business, helping us free up our time to focus on the money making aspects of the business. Rich and I couldn't be more pleased with the direction that PSB is heading and look forward to more of the same in the future.” Rich & Peggy G.

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