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Krystal Klear Waters

Water is the second largest commodity market next to oil, and growth is expected to continue at a strong pace for the foreseeable future. The residential water filtration market generated nearly $2.6 billion in 2009, with sales growth projected to grow at rates of 6-8% per year. Krystal Klear Water's objective is to be the leading producer and provider of RESIDENTIAL water filtration systems in North America, positioning our dealer network of home service companies to bring our products to the end consumer and capitalize on this growing market.

According to a recent figure provided by the Water Quality Association, less than 9% of U.S. households have a water filtration system. Water filtration distributors and manufacturers have typically marketed their products via dealers who operate free-standing retail water treatment stores. These "water softener" companies typically spend $600 or more to get a lead from an interested homeowner. They are limited in their sales efforts because of the high marketing costs associated.

No other company has aggressively pursued the non-water softener dealer, such as plumbers, HVAC contractors or sprinkler system installers. This is a sales channel that has been mostly ignored. These contractors have an existing customer base. They are already in the customer's home – and have earned the customer's trust. By providing them with a new turn-key revenue stream, we will gain access to millions of homes for our products.

Products or services:
    Our services include:
  • No obligation home demonstration
  • Water contamination testing
  • Professional water system installation
  • Optional In Tank Sanitization
  • Preventative maintenance program included
    Our filtration systems feature:
  • No added salt or chemicals, no magnets
  • No parts to wear out to replace
  • Maintains pH level
  • No filter cartridges to replace
  • Bottleless water
  • Septic tank friendly
  • Reduces mineral build-up
  • 5-year guarantee

Krystal Klear Water is a company designed to capitalize on the growing purified and natural water industry. Focused on premium water, Krystal Klear provides consumers a low maintenance, environmentally friendly water system that has fewer pollutants than our competitors. Our customers include homeowners, businesses, and individuals who seek superior water for all their drinking, cleaning, and bathing needs.

Our customers also include millions of households whose water is considered "hard." Thus, they have to endure using water softeners. Our water system is able to provide clean, mineral rich, affordable water, without the annoyance of adding salt.

Thousands of individuals also use our system because it is environmentally friendly. We do not use thousands of plastic bottles or filters and your water does not become acidic. Our system truly has no competitor in the market place.

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